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Default Thigh abductors


I know that there may be some stuff already on this topic, but I can't find it. I am looking for exercises for my inner/outer thighs.

Currently, I walk about six miles a day, interspersed with running, I lift weights, use an isometric machine, bike, and do pilates. With the weights, I do french press and lunges for my legs, but I was quite disgusted when I looked down at my legs during pilates...it looks like a water balloon.

Just thinking I could be too impatient, but also looking for some ideas.


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I wish aliens would come abduct my thighs

unfortunately i don't have any other suggestions for you... just came to make a joke!! No seriously, it sounds like you should keep up the good work!!!!
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The strength training exercises (lunges, etc.) that you are doing work primarily the fronts and the backs (quadriceps and hamstrings) of your thighs-not the inner and outer thigh muscles. This is the same thing with the walking, running, biking, etc. These exercises work the calves, shins, front and backs of the thighs-and leave the inner and outer thighs with not much going on.

Do you have any rollerblades? You could alternate rollerblading with your walking-the gait that you use when rollerblading works the inner and outer thighs more than the other cardio that you do.
On your strength training days-add in some plie squats-with the feet and knees turned out, and where you lower straight down (not "sitting into it" like you do for a regular squat.) You can also do traditional inner and outer thigh floorwork exercises with ankle weights on.
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Nicole, , Firstly, congrats on your weight loss that's awesome!!

I think you are doing great workouts for your legs overall as it is and maybe you can add some more variety in your workouts... I love lunges, like walking lunges, one legged lunges. You don't mention if you go to a gym or not but you can do lunges in a smith machine rack add a bench behind you and put your foot laces down on the bench and do a one legged lunge that way. There are numerous variety of lunges. lunges also on bosu balls, sumo squats on bosu balls,

I never work inner or outer thighs specifically because I have read that if you make the muscle there larger it will lmake your thighs look larger and I certainly don't want larger thighs.

Also, I was thinking that because you have lost a large amount of weight maybe what you saw during your Pilates class was just loose skin that looks like a shrunken water balloon, unfortunately this may or may not go away with time .... Every one is genetically different that way.

I hope this helps and keep posting TTFN....
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