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Ok I have been plateauing now for 2 months of course the after 7 snacks and not bad ones just to much sodium intake. I drink at least 100 oz of water a day and have since Dec. A friend said I need more cardio to burn my fat especially on my tummy and LEGS. Is that what I need to do. I work out at curves 3 days a week then I do at least 1 or 2 step classes a week (hour long class) and I try to do at least treadmill 30 min 3 times a week. It is hard now because my lil one is done with Pre school so I no longer have the freedom in the morning to work out. Everything has to be at night now when hubby gets home to watch the kids. I go to our AF base gym and pay for curves so I don't want to pay for a gym if I have one for free. I just wish I could work out in the morning. I need to suck it up for summer bc both kids will be in school in the fall and I will have every morning. So do I need more cardio to burn fat. Thanks
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I lose weight really s-l-o-w....but i've found if I do strong cardio (70-75% HR, for me it's the high 130's) and keep at it for at least 4 hours a week I get better results....

How about some DVDs like The Firm....or some thing you can do while your little one is napping? (you don't need their equipment, you can get dumbbells from Wal-Mart and I use a 10 inch tupperware bench set on a pc. of plywood....doing "step-ups with 2 8 lb. wts. REALLY works the butt and hamstrings)....

good luck!
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I am sure that smarter wiser people than me will be along to give better advice, but IMO yes, you need more cardio to burn the fat off. Marbleflys' suggestion about tapes is an excellent one. I LOVE Tae Bo and have 4 of the advanced 55 minute tapes that I use when I can't get to the gym or track. I started doing Tae Bo when my baby was in pre-school and I could do it even when she was awake. She would try to work out with me till she got tired, then she'd sit and laugh at me and then hop back to it. It was kind of fun. Ah, I digress. At any rate, find ways to increase your cardio, even if it isn't all at one time, say going to Curves and then getting in a brisk walk or jog after your hubby goes home. Good luck.

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Tiki -- Although I am older I am not wiser or smarter , but I just HAD to put my 2 cents in here though , you know me

Kelly -- You say you work out at Curves 3 days a week then do at least 1 or 2 step classes a week (hour long class) and try to do at least treadmill 30 min 3 times a week. That sounds like quite a bit of cardio to me... I consider Curves cardio because it's a circuit training.

Here are a couple of my suggestions: If you have been doing the same workout for too long, like 2 months, you need a change to shock your body into losing again.... If you are doing the treadmill for 30 minutes bring it down to 20 minutes, yes only 20 BUT make it really INTENSE. Warm up for 5 minutes, do an INTENSE workout for 20 minutes, then cool down for 5, you'll have your 30 minutes in there anyways...for example put the treadmill on an incline for a minute then back down, up again for a minute, then back down for the duration of 20 minutes. OR if you can start 1min walking and 1min jogging for the 20 minute duration that would bring your intensity up quite a bit too.

My gosh if you have access to a FREE gym with all the equipment go for it girl use those weights, having more muscles burns more fat and they look pretty darn good too and PLEASE don't be afraid of the weights we women can NOT bulk up like the magazine gals, we just don't have the testostorone, plus you'd have to workout several hours/day to look like that.... You may have gotten used to the Curves workout and need the heavier weights now. That's the thing with Curves, I personally feel that because you are doing the same exercises all the time your body just gets used to the workouts quickly....

Anyways, I am babbling away aren't I, I just ran 6K and I'm wired for sound now and it's 10PM I really should go to bed ....

I just wanted to add, that you need to take the time for YOURSELF when you have small children just do what you gotta do. I used to get up at 4:30AM to get to the gym by 5AM so that I'd be back home with the kiddies before hubby left for work at 6:45AM... I did that for years till they were old enough, yes it's tiring but YOU are worth it... If morning doesn't work for you do it when hubby gets home at night or do tapes at home like Tiki suggested...

Well anyways, I hope this helps, let us know... TTFN...
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Thanks ya'll, It won't be a problem in Sept since she starts Kinder and I will have every day LOL. But Im going to get from a friend today the Firm she is giving it to me since she is being transfered to Japan so I will give that a try at home. If the weather would warm up here as well the pool would be great darn rain all the time. But Im so thankful for all your inputs and I will see what happens.
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