Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Question Motivation and Exercise Ideas?

Hey everybody! I'm lookin for some ideas on how to motivate myself to do exercise; and also lookin for new exercise ideas! If any of ya know any *special* or good tricks please do share!!! I'd totally appreciate it!
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I'd say that for me a few of my motivations are as follows:

feeling better, sleeping better, aching less (after the initial soreness once you start a new routine), seeing the 500 calories I have burned off on the bike/treadmill, having my clothes fit more loosely, retaining less water, feeling more motivated to stick to a healthy eating plan (I don't want to "undo" all the hard work I've done just for the fleeting pleasure of eating!), my health and intending to live to be a very old granny, to set a good example for my daughter, to reduce risks of several life-threatening diseases that being overfat predispose me to, to enjoy sex more freely and be more comfortable with my body in general and to be as vibrantly attractive as I used to be!

I remind myself of all these things to motivate me to workout and eat well whenever I feel like I can't go on.

The motvations for you will vary depending on your goals and where you are at in your life right now. Best of luck and you can do it. Just decide that you are worth taking care of and then do it!
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Default My goodness, Vixen!!

That is certainly a motivational post for me!!! I think I will print it, and post on my fridge


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I started becoming successful with adding activity and controlling food when I GAVE UP COMPLETELY on the idea of "motivation." Waiting on motivation to dictate doing what I need to do to be healthy is the same behavior as overeating or slouching on the couch because I "felt like it."

I started eating well and exercising because I DECIDED that's what I needed to do. Remember, motivation is just an emotion, and it will always come and go. Instead of depending on it, I have strategies, plans, contingency plans, and habits. They are much more reliable.
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prepare for the BEST time
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If I take off my clothes and look in a full-length mirror (all views).....9X out of 10 I will get up and exercise....

my blood pressure and resting HR are lower, I sleep better (looking less haggard which equals younger)......Exercising and losing weight and inches gives me energy to cope with stress.....

exercise is great medicine with very few negative side effects.
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Anything that you enjoy will be motivating! I love Ballroom Dancing so for me it isnt exercise at all but rather a hobby! To bad I only do it 1 night a week lol. Other times I do dvd workouts. Good luck!
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I KNOW that I'll feel much better after I exercise, and also know that I'll be healthier in the long run, etc. etc. etc. And yet still sometimes, it isn't enough. So I "motivate" myself in other ways. Like joining Curves. IE: If I'm paying, I'm going. Or, being 5 months pregnant right now, I bought a maternity exercise outfit so I can go jogging and feel "dressed" for it again. LOL Now that I've paid good money for it, I'm gonna wear it. I've also bought clothes a size smaller than I wear, something nice, higher than I would normally pay, something I really wanna wear. Then I hang it in plain sight.
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I agree with what funniegrrl said, we cannot motivate you. That needs to come from within. On the other hand, we would all love to inspire you. Many others have given you some good material to start with. Mine was getting healthy and reversing diabetes, high blood pressue and cholesteral and anxiety diagnoses.

I would recommend to let go of the motivation and just strive for the dedication. Psychologists say it takes 30 days of a behavior to make a habit. So make yourself a commitment to exercise every day or 6 days a week for 30 days. Promise yourself to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes. Allow yourself to experiment to find an activitythat you really love. I know I feel that way about jogging, but I would rather scratch my eyes out with a butter knife that ride a bike. We all have different tastes. The secret is to discovering yours. Eventually you will find the motivation when you realize you are sleeping better, having fewer mood swings and your body starts craving activity. Start showing up on the Exercise Accountability thread and record yor activity. Experiment to find the best TIME of day for you, too. I need to do it first thing in the morning or it won't get done. DH prefers after work and before dinner so he can shed the work issues and be a husband for the evening. Find the right mix of workouts for you. While I like to run he prefers the ellipical. We both lift with a personal trainer. I like Pilates mat work, he likes a private session with the equipment. I love yoga and look at it as a "treat" for all my other workouts during the week. He can't sit still and finds it an incredible chore to even contemplate it. Try solo activities and classes. Mix it up. I like the meditative quality of running on my own 3x a week and getting together with a group for long runs once a week. Try working out with DVDs. I started with Walk Away the Pounds. Order from Netflicks so there is no real commitment for DVDs you don't like. Try things to break up your indoor cardio. I use books on tape or music CDs interchangeably, based on my mood. You can do this. The hardest step is the one out the door. Just make yourself your first priority and do not let anything get in the way with your appointment with yourself. Put it on your schedule and make it as important as a doctor's appointment. Read this board often and as let us know how you are doing!
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to all of you girls !! Great ideas and motivation !! I really can't add more than just find something you like and DO IT!!

So Redneck, what have you done today for your healthy and well being ??
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Thanx guys!!! That was mighty helpful! and to answer your question, Ilene...I think...i was out camping!!! I'm not sure if fishin and stuff qualifies as exercise, but it was a helluva lot of fun!!!
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