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It's great to hear that you're doing so well, U2girl -- congratulations!
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Default Thanx & Update 9/29

Thanx for stopping in Sarah and for your kind words. I am workin' hard trying to see what kind of results this will bring. I am very pleased so far, but I will definitely be able to tell the tale by my anniversary on the 30th. It will be about 6 weeks and you should be able to see for sure with that amount of time.

Next week, I bump up to the advanced routine. At least that is what I think. The only part that I will not be able to do is those darn 50 sit-ups. I have actually decided to leave the sit-ups out. I don't like doing them and I have read that they can cause injury. I have no desire to injure myself at all, but especially not 1 month before my vacation. Since I do 5 other exercises included in the abdominal segment, I will tack on an extra 5 or 6 to each exercise and that will be it. I have been enjoying using my rebounder for the jumping section. That is the fun part.

Well, that is about it. I am going to start the Turnaround program on Monday with my husband. I want to try to eat cleaner, so we will try hard to stick to this plan up to our trip. I never know, I may really like it and choose it over Flexpoints.

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Was reading through your post. I just got done reading this book and was thinking about giving it a try. Was just curious how well it worked for you and if you were still on it. Thanks...
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Please keep updating us on your progress. It'll be interesting to hear what the final results are.

I've heard from a number of people who started out pear-shaped, and ended up with a different shape after losing weight and working out. We're all unique, and I do believe that that can happen for some people. But speaking as one whose adult weight has ranged from a toned 120 to a flabby 210, I know that I will always be a pear regardless of the exercise I do. I will always have narrow shoulders, a narrow rib cage, and round curvy hips, because that's my skeletal structure. No amount of muscle is going to widen my collar bones or shrink my pelvic bones. Losing weight and toning up will make everything look a lot better, not to mention make it easier to buy clothes that fit. But for some of us, it will never be enough to completely eliminate the pear shape, assuming we'd even want to. When I was slim, I liked my curvy hips. It's just that at my current weight, it's way too much of a good thing, KWIM?
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No I haven't but I would love to know a few tipson what a hourglass should do.
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