Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Question Summer excuses!

Hi all. This is my first time here, but I've needed some inspiration for a LONG time. I need to excercise, and I find all the excuses not to, believe me. Anyway, the number one excuse is the darn Texas heat. The only excercise I really enjoy is walking, but it is just too hot.

Can anyone offer any advice on other types of home excerises? Or if not that, any advice on how to get over the excuses? I'm 18 and am fairly strong, I just want to lose some weight to look & feel better. Am vegetarian and eat fairly well, but I really have never excercised in my life. I feel like the only thing keeping me from looking good is my own stubbornness!

Whenever my extremely athletic (but not *nearly* as smart) cousins come over, it seems like they live in such a different world from mine.

Quick! I'm leaving for college in a month, and am beginning to convince myself, "Well, there'll be a free gym there, I'll just veg out for a while now." Hopefully it *will* be easier there (thank goodness they have required PE - am hoping that will be more fun than high school!) but I feel like I should still start NOW. (Besides, I want to look good for them college guys. And.. err... not have to buy a new wardrobe!)
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Hi there! well, I think you've made a great decision, especially at (don't take offense, please) your young age. It is SMART to think get in the habit of regular exercise now! I only wish I had started years ago.

It doesn't take much, only consistency, to get in the habit, and you will see results. Exercise will strenghten you, both body and mind, and make you look great! (more importantly for yourself, but heck, you can impress those college boys, right? (wink)

What do you think you would like to do? There are so many choices. Step aerobics, dance, yoga, Pilates, and add some hand-held weights for strength...this probably sounds like alot to throw at you all at once. Read around this site, there are stickies that have lots of good info.

It would be great if you could get yourself committed to this now, 'cause then you have the facilities at school to use in a few weeks.

The summer heat CAN be a deterrent. Do you have a place indoors, air-conditioned, with a VCR? If so, you're set! There are so many videos to chose from. I recommend www.collagevideo.com. The videos are separated into categories; you chose what type of exercise you're looking for; the videos are actually done by the staff and then rated.

and if you don't have airconditioning, I have taken a cool shower WITH my exercise clothes on, jumped out, then turned on a fan full-blast, then done my tape...kind of extreme, but it works

Best of luck in whatever you chose!
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Hello from a fellow Texan! Yes it is getting HOT outside. My main exercise is walking so I am trying to get out earlier in the morning. Last weekend we went camping in Oklahoma and went hiking. I was feeling adventurous and choose the 5.7 mile route, but by the end I was about to pass out!

I also use videos -- I like the ones by Kathy Smith, and there's some yoga tapes from Giaim/Living Arts that are good too. Definitely take advantage of the free gym at college. It's also a great time to learn a new sport -- tennis, swimming, etc.

Best wishes to you!
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