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Angry So frustrated! Need some motivation pwease =)

Hey all, This is my second week of lifting seriously. And I still cant get a good program down. Im frustrated about my damn gut, Ive been on a diet for months ( I lost 40 lbs ) and it still will NOT go away. So many things! I was thinking of one body part each day for 5 days ( chest,bi/shoulder,tri/trap/legs/abs/forearms or something like that? ) but then I hate to do cardio on the same day I lift.

God I hate babbling like that =(
My main goal is to keep my body fat or even lower it a little ( to get rid of my damn gut.) and just bulk up / tone. Maybe get a little stronger.
Im 5'7 Weigh 148. Strengh is relatively low. ( My Bench Max is 115.....)
My diet on a PERFECT day would be:
Skim Milk / Cereal or Scrambled Egg Whites
Snack 1:
Usually after workout, Whey Protein Shake.
Chicken Breast + Broccoli
Snack 2:
Usually am at work by now, Quizno's ( its a Sandwhich place ) ill make a sandwhic, the best would be a 5 inch'ish wheat bread with lean turkey and ham, little mayo / mustard and 1 slice of swiss. Worst would be a Low Carb Flatbread + Steak in it, a slice of mozzerella cheese. or meatball ( in marinade)
If at home, I throw some ground turkey into pan, mix with some eggwhites, some olive oil, and scramble. And steamed broccoli.

That being said, what do you guys suggest? Sorry for these long anoying essays but I am really in need of motivation or someone to talk to, so many questions in my head, I feel like im going to explode =(
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