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Default Sick, tired, unmotivated, depressed?

I am 43, and 100 lbs overweight
I can't seem to stay motivated
I workout for a few weeks alternating elipital/cardio days and weight training. I am so proud when I can make it for 30 minutes on that machine but then something comes up and I quit going.
Food is my God it pisses me off that it has such control of me.
I know how to eat and what to eat but even when I cook healthy I overeat.
And if I don't overeat at dinner I snack after.
I work full time, have 3 teenagers Who are in and out of typical teenage stuff but ultimately I'm grateful for where they are and where they could be.
I am more, or maybe I should say he is more in love with me than (DH) he has ever been. The 1st 15 years weren't so great but now he finally gets that we are supposed to be friends.
I have the knowledge, watch Dr. Phil but I guess I feel like I just don't care. It's like somedays I don't even try, I guess I have been this way for so long.....
I'm scared to death that I will have a heart attack and there is so much more I want to do. My husband talks about us traveling in a few years and being able to go and do....but I'm so ashamed I don't like going out and being with new people. What does it take for me to get it? Did you have a light bulb moment? How did you stay motivated, **** get motivated. I know I sound totally whiney and disgusting I get sick of listening to myself. I'm going to hit submitted real quick before I delete this.
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Jagmom, I just kept going longer and longer so I finally PM'd you.
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Wink You Can Do It!!

Jagmom, don't get discouraged. We all get frustrated from time to time but you must remember that you CAN do it. I didn't snap to the fact that I needed to lose weight until the doctor told me that my blood pressure was reading very high (and it has never been high). I have always been overweight but I was always very active. Over the past few years I have slowly become less active and more weight has been put on. I definitely do not want to be put on any medication for high blood pressure so my doctor told me that if I didn't want meds then I needed to lose weight and start exercising. So I made the decision to start working out at least 4-5 times a week (Walk away the pounds tapes - I love them) and eating a little less. I know that you want to be there for your kids and hubby but being unhealthy and extremely overweight puts you at risk for so many health problems. It's a decision that will not only benefit you and your health but also your family. I too am 100 lbs overweight and I plan to lose it - no matter how long it takes because I know I can do it - and I know you can do it too!!
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