Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Ummm... wow. Just came in to look around (I have become an exercise machine, lol) and all I can say is ewwwwwwwwww! Almost lost my lunch, lol
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I've just e-mailed this link to my husband and he is going to blow it up and print it off for us to stick on our fridge. Thanks for posting it.
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repeat offender
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This always gets me going!
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That grosses me out every time. I hunt so I've come into contact with animal fat a few times but it still makes me queasy. The idea of that sticking to my butt definitely makes me want to get up and work out.
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Diet Time:
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It really does show you just how much five pounds is. Wow.
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Hang on little root!!
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Does this picture make anyone else hungry? Haha, I am starving my butt off, yay!!

This picture should remind us all that even when you don't lose weight, and you KNOW you're kicking your butt in the gym... That's how your body is changing... A little something the scale doesn't pick up adequately.
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It's really crazy on the difference in the room it takes up. Fat is all jiggly and huge while muscle is defined and small. Yet they weigh the exact same. Which is why someone who weighs 140 lbs can look entirely different when comprising of fat or muscle.
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on my way to HEALTHY (:
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That is soooo nasty! This definitely motivates me (:
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Ew...That's all the jiggling on my body.
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That's Motivation!! Grossss!!
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Only have myself to blame for this in my body.
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I've been working on strengthening my core more than anything else, because I've never had a strong one and my shoulders hurt after just walking. Though I've lost no pounds, I've lost a good amount in inches. I think 6 around the waist, in particular.

It keeps me motivated. Even if I stay at 180 lbs forever, it'll be a trim, strong 180! LOL!
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Ugh... the fat in the image just looks plain nasty. Looks super disgusting on TV when they do those surgeries, especially in the breast area. They come on I think Discovery and TLC sometimes.

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If there was ever a motivator to lose fat, that would be it! Makes me want to push even harder!
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