Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Damn, I have never seen that before! Its good to see the demon that is stopping me from being my true self and enjoying my life. I won't let it win! RAWR!
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Gross! That's a motivator to get out there and move my butt!
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Wow. I need to exercise.
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That is gross! Really puts it into perspective though! Thanks for sharing everyone, great motivator!!!
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This is great motivation...
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MG #1: lose back that 10#
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Originally Posted by I Meant-Ah! View Post
Haha me too!

I never knew 5 lbs of fat was actually that much fat.
I always think of it a sticks of butter
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Ive seen that before. Truly is amazing!
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One pound at a time....
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what a comparison! YUCK!
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Great pictures--Muscle takes up 1/3 the space that fat does--and of course muscle weighs more than fat. You also need muscle to burn fat.

I workout with a young woman--who is in great shape--not an ounce of fat on her. She keeps telling me she weighs 142 pounds at 5'3" and she discouraged thinking she should weigh less. I keep telling her she really looks like she's around 120 pounds, and certainly doesn't need to lose weight. If she did lose any weight she would look like a bean pole.

Meaning you can't depend on the scale for all your weight loss needs. A lot of people who just are starting an exercise program actually gain a few pounds at first just because of the muscle they're building. The way to get around the scale is to take measurements of your body--prior to starting a program--and if the scale doesn't do what you want it too--re-measure yourself for inches lost. You'll notice it first in the pants you wear--and be proud of that new found looseness around your waist. After a month to six weeks of regular--consistent excercise--you'll see the scale starting to cooperate with you. And remember pounds lost slowly--stay off --if you stay consistent with your eating habits and exercise routines. "Eat less--move more."

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Originally Posted by Mantas View Post
everyone know how ugly fat looks like, but you still eating crapy food and zero activity in your life...
If English is not your primary language, perhaps something is getting lost in translation, but you need to be told that most of your 26 posts so far are not helpful, they are negative, and not in line with the philosophy of this forum.
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Really ,when i see this picture convinced me that i need to get rid of the fat in my body, it's disgusting
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i looked at the gross fat and it makes you want to loose some of that ugly fat, dont give up out there we can do it
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our shocking image, it makes us rethink about being healthier.
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So the importance of a good diet and exercise without a doubt.
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