Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Work It Determine, Work It!!

I decided to start a workout log since workouts have become so important to me in this WOL. I have been doing cardio like crazy and started weights this week.

This morning I did my weights video and this is my routine

decline pushups 15 or failure
back- heavy pants 15 or failure
shoulder-military overhead press 15 or failure
biceps- standard bicep curls 15 or f
triceps-overhead tricep press 15 or f
legs & glutes-walking lunges- 2 each leg, one way then other 5x (or 10 total)

wide pushups
back- heavy pants but arms pulled back further
shoulder- shoulder fly's which are like military press but rotating weight at top and bottom
biceps- bicep curls to the side
triceps- tricep kick backs
legs and glutes-walking lunges with squats between each set
water towel break

pushups-7,7,7 7 wide, 7 close, 7 reg then reg max until failure
back-lawnmower 15 each side
shoulder- shoulder flys 15
biceps-7,7,7 7 low, 7 high, 7 full
triceps-chair dips 15
legs and glutes- 12 close squats, 12 wider squats, 12 even wider

Pushups- maximum to failure
upright rows 15
forearm- 15 each side
calf raises 15 each side
back extensions 5
maximum pushups 15-25
maximum squats 25-31

approx. 40 min routine

I'm also going to the gym after work to do the 60 min step class.
update... did the step class and It was absolutely amazing. I put more effort and more bounce into it and my energy went through the roof. Love it...
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