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Default Walking two hours a day?

Hi! Has anyone here tried walking two hours a day to lose weight? I have trouble motivating myself to run or jog, and thought maybe extended walks could do the trick. Thanks!
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Hi Littlemom2. Welcome to 3FatChicks. Walking is a very good exercise for your health, and does help you burn calories, but you would also need to make dietary changes in order to lose weight. I don't think you can lose weight from exercise alone. Also, if you have not been walking regularly, it might be a good idea to start out slowly and work up to 2 hours a day, or maybe split it up into 2 or 3 shorter walks.

Good luck to you.
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Nothing wrong with walking two hours a day! A nutritionist once asked me "if you could just take a pill every day and maintain your ideal weight, would you do it?" Of course! I said. "What if the pill took an hour to swallow?" In combination with whatever you're doing diet-wise, walking one hour a day will make it stick. Once my weight went down, and I got going on walking one hour a day, there were many times I would continue for two hours or more and it felt great. Also, don't think you've got to get in your hour all at once. Three 20-minute walks work just the same!
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I love long walks, but I am too busy to do them. If you can, you should do it. They're so rewarding. Good for your mental and physical health. Walking alone won't be enough to lose weight, I agree, but it sure does help. Don't overeat just because you are doing 2 hour walks. I have made that mistake in the past.
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I make time to walk even though I have a full time job and do things outside of work - Fortunately I telecommute and take multiple short breaks during the day running out and doing a 1 mile loop. My target is 4 of those a day which is right now about an hour and a half. Helps a lot with stress too. I will say that I also am very careful with what I eat!

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Originally Posted by Blarney View Post
Nothing wrong with walking two hours a day! A nutritionist once asked me "if you could just take a pill every day and maintain your ideal weight, would you do it?" Of course! I said. "What if the pill took an hour to swallow?"
Ha, I like that! I never thought about physical activity like that.

I like when walking is a part of my daily routine. For me, daily walking of about an hour a day total makes a 20'ish pound difference in my weight (over time) even w/o making any effort to eat less. Walking's great bc it doesn't increase my appetite, so I don't end up eating more and canceling out the calories burned. If anything, it seems to reduce my appetite a little. I also love how it reduces stress.

My brother lost over 100 pounds about 15 years ago. He watched what he ate and for exercise walked at least an hour a day, every day.

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Another testimonial regarding the virtues of walking combined with a good diet. The last time I was truly successful with weight loss--around 2009--I started walking at 230 pounds. I walked either morning and evening or during my lunch hour and in the evening. I also changed my diet quite a bit. It was a very healthy and after I got used it, I was satisfied with my meals 90% of the time. The weight dropped off but I also had a lot to lose so I'm sure that was part of it. I'm not lying when I tell you sometimes it was 3-4 pounds a week for the first few months. I continued until I got to 167. At that point I started to run and lost an additional 20+ pounds.

With this stated, if you look at my ticker you'll see I've regained the majority of my weight. My regain had nothing to do with my plan. I was promoted at work where I supervise people and have a lot more responsibilities. I completely ran off the rails. I have had to learn how NOT to eat my stress.

Walking is great exercise and it does wonderful things for your body and mental health. I wish you well.

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