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Default Working out three days in a row?

Is Working out three days in a row ok?

I work out on the elliptical 3 days a week for 40 minutes. I like to work out so I have a day of rest in between. This week has been super hectic and the only three days I can work out are three days in a row. Is it bad to work out three days in a row with no day of rest in between?
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It will be good if you can workout 6 days in a week. I suggest it you if you want to loose fat quicker. If you are maintaining your body as you already have a great physique, what you are following now is good.
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Yes, three days of exercise in a row is OK. Actually, a lot of professionals advise that you work out most days of the week, with at least a few days off in between. However, it's crucial to ease into things and not push yourself too hard when you're just getting started.
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Working out three days in a row can be okay occasionally, just listen to your body. Overtraining may lead to fatigue and increased injury risk. If it's a one-time thing due to a busy week, go for it, but consider adjusting intensity or duration. Recovery is essential for muscle growth. On a side note, are there any Fraser’s Group reviews? I plan to go to the gym next month so I need to buy sportswear, find the best gym and buy some sports stuff for home.

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