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Default fitness trackers

I am sure this may have been discussed before, but what do people prefer?
I am especially concerned with privacy, with the bluetooth that trackers have being used by data miners.
Apparently, overtime you go into a mall, they are being tracked etc.
Only the apple watch seems anonymous, but I am not interested in that one.
In spite of that, how did you decide on which one you bought?
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I ended up with a FitBit One.

I understand your concern with privacy. I think about that a lot as well. I've come to the conclusion though that I am vulnerable hundreds of times a day. If someone really wants my info, they'll find a way to do it. I can be cautious but I know I'll never be bulletproof.

As far as my choice, I wanted to start with something as basic and inexpensive as possible. I wasn't sure if I'd be consistant with using it and didn't want to invest a lot of $$. A side benefit of the One is that I don't really care to wear things around my wrist. I take my watch off multiple times during the day. I just clip the One on my bra and don't think of it the rest of the day.
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I have used my FitBit Charge on and off. I've had problems with how bulky it feels. I love the functionality, though, so I'm considering ordering the Aria, which seems much slimmer.
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FitBit One!!!
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I have never heard of anyone being able to tell where you go if you wear a fitness tracker. I wear a fitbit, but I don't understand how anyone knows where I am from the info on it.

Here is an article I just read in the paper.

I just saw an article in the paper that said that United Healthcare is sponsoring this program where employers can give their employees free or discounted fitness trackers and in return the will receive a discount toward their insurance deductibles based on the results of the information tracked. Fine. I get that and it's a good idea.

BUT, people are against this because they say tracking the employees with a fitness tracker is an invasion of privacy. What? So someone knows how many steps you took, how many miles your walked? What's the big deal? They said that through these trackers, they would be able to tell how many times you visited a fast food restaurant. Do they make trackers that record that? ROFL I never head of that. Even if they did, couldn't you just take the tracker off every time you went to McDonalds?

The only problem I would have with it is that employees with a disability would be put at a disadvantage by not being able to participate through no fault of their own.

I guess I'm just not up on the new technology.
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