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Default Workout Plan For Beginners At Home

Hi all,

I'm looking for a workout plan for beginners that is very specific with telling you what to do. For example: Day 1 - Do X for X minutes, Day 2 - Do Y sets of Y, etc. Preferably one that spans a few weeks and gradually increases as it goes.

I've found several for people who are a bit more advanced already, but I'm very fitness-ignorant and don't know how to modify it for my needs. I'm a pre-beginner, lol. My fitness level is truly at zero, if there is such a thing. My life is extremely sedentary and, unfortunately, will remain that way for the time being (I'm in graduate school and am attached to my computer doing a thesis). Whatever routines I do will have to be done at home with little-to-no equipment.

I know this is very specific, but I think that's what would help me get started. I function best with to-do lists and feel that having one for exercise would be a great push to a healthier life (aside from the Weight Watchers plan I'm already on). Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I suggest doing a workout program. You can look at Beachbody, they have a lot of workouts that are good for beginners. They helped me get started when I got back into working out.
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There are lots of free resources on Youtube that use little to no equipment and most have beginner workouts that are easy to follow and modifications if needed. A few to I have utilized in the past have been Blogilates, Fitness Blender, Tone It Up, Scola Dondo, and Joanna Soh. If you are looking for 30 day listed workouts, darebee.com ***** has a really good selection and no equipment is required.

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will it ever stick??? lol
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do not click on that buzzbe link!!!!! just freaked my computer out with something that wouldn't let me off the page saying my computer was infected
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I changed the link, the website changed from Neila Rey to Darebee, but I keep putting Buzzbee. So sorry about that.
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I know you posted a while ago but I love the no excuses boot camp. It is great for beginners, you work out at home at the best time for you. They have a free community where you can try out the free videos. You never have to join, you can just keep using the same free videos or you can join anytime. It's worth a try!

Here is a link to the community which sends daily e-mails

Here is a link to the free videos on youtube
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I just mentioned this in another thread so sorry for repeating myself.

I like Leslie Sansone Video's or DVD's called Walk Away The Pounds. Depending on the DVD, one can do 1 miles (which takes about 15 minutes), 2 miles, etc. I really like that Leslie gets your body moving with the knee lifts, some gentle kicking, etc.

Right now I can only do the 1 mile walk as I feel really tired afterward so I really out of shape!!

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Leslie sanson videos are great so is Denise austin. Denise Austin has 21 Jump start plan. Its done day by day for 21 days. You can do it at any level.
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Without using weights, perform rowing and pulling exercises for the upper body
Look for exercises that will test your hamstrings and back muscles
Finding solutions to make workouts simpler if they are too challenging
Continue to be engaged enough to exercise without weights
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Thanks for tips!I will try to do this workout
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