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Default Is this a good workout?

So I've returned to the gym recently, but I've pretty much just done cardio (and I have not been very responsible with that in itself). I asked one of the gym teachers for a workout plan, but they're not personal trainers, so I don't know how accurate their programs can be. I'd just like to make sure, though!

She included leg presses, addutor (I know, it's technically here), bench presses, triceps (not sure how to translate this, sorry!), overhead press, abdominal crunch and 3 min. of intense cardio every two machines. (20 minute warmup, as well, which she said I could do all before the exercise or do a 5 min. warmup and then do 20 min. later if I wanted to.)

The next day is leg curls, abductor (also on the list, I know), rowing machine, biceps, a machine for the lumbar and one for the calf. 3 min. of intense cardio every two machines, 20 minute warmup.

I'm just returning so it seems a bit intense to me but she told me she was already giving me a lighter plan haha maybe I'm just not used to it?
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Seems OK-ish. One thing you could try instead is doing strength one day and cardio the next rather than trying both in the same session. I am a big believer that trying to do both makes you less effective because strength tires you out for cardio and vice versa so you never get good at either.

On your weight days you can mix up some of the exercises she suggests so that you fill 50 minutes to 1 hour and do a variation the next time. You could also try squats, deadlifts and planks.

That also seems a long warm up. 5 minutes of warm up and perhaps 5 minutes of stretching afterwards might be all that is needed. I never warm up or stretch but that's just me. I find the big lifts such as squats and deadlifts at the start of a weight session warm me up enough. And starting cardio slowly and building up is also an effective warm up.

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There's no right way or wrong way to go about it, as long as you're being consistent your body will start to respond and even tell you what you need to be doing more or less.

Machines are a good way to start if you're a beginner but you may want to move on to free weights which are more effective and include more muscle groups all at once as well as improve balance and stability. But you don't want to do freeweights without having some pro guidance, injuries are no fun.

The most important thing to remember when incorporating weights is that recovery time is just as important as the workout itself. Especially when first starting out. You'll want to work out major muscle groups every other day. A dynamic warm up such as walking is great, no need to do stretching before your work out - latest research shows that stretching before a workout can lead to injuries. However, do not skimp on a good cool down and thorough stretch after you work out. This will also help with soreness.
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