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Question Is it best to workout before breakfast?

Kind of a silly question, but I think it has merit. Recently I started going to the gym and doing my workouts in the morning (9ish). Anyway, a friend of mine said that you burn more calories on an empty stomach than you would eating breakfast, waiting a bit, and then going to workout. So far I have been working out and then coming home and eating. I want to burn optimal calories but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to give it my all on an empty stomach. I guess I was wondering if it really makes all the difference to wait, and if so, is there a way to get rid of the empty stomach feeling? Could I just eat an apple or something light and still maintain the benefits?
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Originally Posted by KillerBee View Post
. I want to burn optimal calories but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to give it my all on an empty stomach.
As far as I know, there's no scientific consensus on this. Some studies say you burn more fat on an empty stomach, some say you don't.

What's guaranteed to make you burn more calories though is giving your all during workouts. If food helps you do that, then eat first.
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Research shows you do burn more fat on an empty stomach during cardio, but it is SO minimal that it really makes no long term difference.

I hate having anything in my stomach while working out so I do fasted cardio. But if you feel like eating and it works for you, do so.

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I always try to eat after working out because my body craves the protein. And I never eat a lot before a run because it makes me feel sick.

Normally, I would eat a small breakfast, do weight training, take a protein shake, run before lunch, then eat after lunch


eat a small breakfast and run.
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most of the time I can work out in the early mornings without eating....sometimes I've found that if i'm pushing myself VERY hard like with HIIT that I do need something small because I feel like puking on an empty stomach...bleck...and I've found that if ive eaten a lot, then I feel sick when I try to run afterwards and also feel slow and sluggish
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It's total calories burned versus total calories consumed during the day. It doesn't matter if you eat before or after exercising--BUT personally I cannot eat anything (not even a bite) prior to exercising. I work out hard (cardio) and I get very nauseated- if there is any food in my stomach--(which will most definitely slow my work-out down--meaning I wouldn't be burning as many calories.)

Your muscles end up competing with your digestive system for blood if you eat before you exercise hard and you'll either get a side ache or nauseated. Maybe that is what your friend was trying to say?

If you've just got to eat before you exercise--Apples and fruit are not the best choice--because they can give you some gas--and you certainly don't want to have that while in a gym working out, ha.ha. A little whole grain--healthy cereal would be a much safer choice.

Myself--I stay away from any food from 2 to 2-1/2 hours prior to exercising--so my morning classes are always done on an empty stomach.

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Really whatever feels best to you and allows you the best workout possible is best.

Personally unless I am super hungry (stomach growling and feeling hollow) I will not eat before working out because it can make me nauseous during cardio.
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Thanks for the replies guys! I'm thinking I'll stick to trying to workout on an empty stomach. But on days where I just can't I think I'll do something small like a granola bar or maybe a small protein shake since it sounded like fruit was a bad idea. Unless you guys have some other food suggestions...thanks again!
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Yes. Run on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. Eat fruit for breakfast—ONLY fruit. Fruit should ALWAYS be eaten ALONE and on an EMPTY stomach. NEVER combine with anything else. EVER. NEVER eat after ANY meal. haha
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