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Default Could I be exercising too much?

Ok, so some people may know that I am only weighing in once a month at the moment but I caved in yesterday because I just felt heavy I am halfway through my cycle so I cant blame that, but I was suprised to see that I have only lost 3lbs in the last 16 days compared with the 18 I lost last month.
I know a loss is a loss but My calorie intake is the same and I have stepped up exercise so I don't understand why I am only seeing a small loss.
Every day I do 70 mins at the gym which includes 50 mins cardio and 20 mins resistance, then I do an hours dance every evening, I also take my dog on a 5 mile walk ( mostly hills on a sunday).
I ache like nobody knows and have taken a days rest today but is there a chance I am doing too much and would this have any effect on my weight loss? I really do feel a bit deflated today
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That is too much and it can inhibit weight loss. If you are dancing every evening, you don't need all that cardio at they gym.
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You can't expect to consistently lose the same as when you started. Maybe your losses are going to even out now. Plus, you don't know how you'll lose in the next two weeks. You could lose 3lbs one half of the month and 10 pounds in the other half of the month.

As far as being sore, if you are still really sore it's possible you are doing too much. Did you work up to 2 hours of cardio and a 5 mile walk everyday? That is quite a lot of activity. I suppose you could be retaining some water with all that activity, certainly if some of it is new for you.

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That you ache like nobody's business is a sign you are probably doing too much, too quickly. But without knowing what your calorie intake is it's hard to say if your exercising is impeding your weight loss.

Definitely keep up the resistance training, and the dog walking, but you probably don't have to do the 50 mins of cardio every day if you're dancing (which I'm sure you enjoy more). Maybe cut that down to 20 mins to get your heart rate up before you do you resistance training.

Make sure you're drinking lots of water and your calories are at least 1400 a day.

Good luck! And keep us posted.
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Thanks for your replies
I have laid off the gym so much this week, I only did 2 sessions, monday and today. I have still kept active and my calorie intake down (around 1300), I got weighed this morning and 3 lbs have gone since last week! So I am inclined to think that I was doing too much too soon and my body went into some kind of shock.
Just one thing to note, I don't know if it has happened to anyone else in the early stages of weight loss and exercise but I got my period early this month for the first time ever! I am usually regular as clockwork, every 28-30 days but this month I started mid cycle and had a full period.
I looked it up on the net and it did say that excessive exercise and a radical change in diet could cause fluctations in your cycle.
Has this happened to anyone else?
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Yup, I had weird periods when I was a serious ballerina. Any change in my activity levels seemed to affect my period!

Also, FWIW, you may have had a slower loss because your resistance training is building muscle? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? There are days I swear I look thinner but the scale says otherwise. Muscle and fat are different densities, so the scale doesn't always tell the whole story.
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When you exercise, especially weight-training, your muscles hold on to water while they are repairing, so you may see a bump up in weight, or not the loss that you may be expecting. A lot of different things go into how much weight you may lose in a week, so don't go nutz about the number on the scale. Also, it takes a long time to actually build muscle, so don't worry about getting muscle-bound or muscle-heavy.

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