Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Only 5 minutes!

That's how long I can stride on the elliptical until my legs burn to the point where I have to stop or else I'll fall off the machine...
Wouldn't I look like a fool just doing 5min on this thing, or am I supposed to keep going even though I feel like I'm going to collapse?
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Last time I lost weight I had gotten down to 126, used to ride the treadmill for 45 mins and tried to substitute the elliptical but could never do more than five minutes. Literally never! And I was pretty active with work. I bought a used one this time around I figured I woukd buy a used one cause it really kicked my butt at the gym. The one I bought is older but better quality than those 100-200 dollars ones I got it for 25 bucks. Very proud of my buy! Well I actually started at 15 mins and a month later go for 45-50 mins. I have my suspicions that the gym one was tougher though.
Anyway I always felt kinda like u, but sometimes we think people r watching and judging more than they really r, so who cares do what u can. U will most likely work your way up to more minutes. I have grown to LOVE my elliptical, my poor bike just sits in the corner now since I can get my 45 mins on the elliptical now.
Oh and even if it hurts a bit push a little harder after a few days even if it's just another minute!

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Are you going full tilt on that thing? If so, why not just get your muscles used to it by going a little slower.
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I agree with AlmostMe. You can adjust most gym ellipticals to a less strenuous program so that you can build up stamina.

In any case, though, I wouldn't worry about what others at the gym think. I often do just 5 minutes on the elliptical, 5 minutes on the treadmill, 5 minutes on the bike, 5 minutes on the stair mill, etc., to mix it up & prevent boredom. Most people are just focusing on their workout or their music or whatever and not paying attention to those around them.
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Try to do five minutes everyday for a week. Then six minutes for a week. Then seven...

You can do this!
I'm a firm believer that any exercise is better than no exercise.
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Ha! That's crazy, I'm the exact opposite. I can go on the elliptical FOREVER, but I try to run and I only last like 5 minutes. I can do 10 if I REALLY push myself, but I'd rather not feel like I'm about to die after I get done exercising.

Adjust the settings on it til you get used to it. When I first started, I kept everything on zero and at a moderate pace. Now, 85lbs later, I'm doing hills and resistances up to level 12 and pretty much beasting on the thing. Start slow, then work your way up. That's how we do it!
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I could only go 5 minutes when I started going to the gym last year. Give yourself time. Go up a minute every time. A year later I can go 45 minutes without a problem. Your body just has to get use to it.
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I'm just starting on the elliptical as well. I turn the crossramp down to 3 and the resistance to 1. I couldn't even do the quickstart settings.
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