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Default DDP Yoga

does anyone do DDP yoga? I just ordered the dvds. I am probably the least flexible person I know so im hoping it will help. My question is I have never done any sort of yoga outside of the Wii Fit kind, Do the videos explain the moves enough for a comlete yoga newcomer or should I sign up for a beginner yoga class somewhere? I am not a member of a gym and $ are limited but a local community center offers winter classes for not a crazy amount so if it would help I could probably swing it. I was hoing to go right into the dvds but want to make sure i am doing things correctly and dont want to hurt myself! Also, I would love to hear any experiances anyone has with DDP yoga good or bad!
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This is not specifically about DDP yoga, but yoga in general.

I always find it cute when people say they are the "least flexible person" when starting yoga, because you don't have to be flexible to try yoga, you just have to TRY, modify the poses that you can't get into, and then one day you will get into them because yoga improves your flexibility!

The instructor on the DVD should typically have some cues to make sure you are in the poses correctly, but if you don't go to a class, just do a bunch of research on poses you have questions about.

Even after doing yoga for a year 4-5 times a week, I have TONS of questions. As I move through my practice, I get further into poses and then have even more questions. I do a lot of research though and different instructors give me different cues that facilitate the learning process for me.

If you can, going to an actual class will probably be helpful, but even better than that if you could afford even just a 1-hour personal session with an instructor it would help you. Don't know if that's available in your area.

Just be careful and don't do anything that hurts, and enjoy! I'm excited for you :-)
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I don't know what DDP yoga is. I started with Iyengar. This is a great system for beginners, really focuses on adjusting the pose to your ability, often using props. The is a new thing called Yoga for Round Bodies that looks great. I wasn't flexible at all, and am much more flexible a couple of years in. You only compete with yourself to make improvements. I now do hot yoga classes because I get an aerobic workout in with it.
I hope you enjoy your DVDs
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I have the DDP yoga set and I like them but I use them as a supplement to my exercise. Yes, they explain the moves and you can easily modify. You don't have to be flexible. They are also set up to build up in difficulty.

DDP Yoga is a program developed by Diamond Dallas Page, an ex professional wrestler. He came into yoga after dealing with his own aches and pains due to his career. It is a bit corny but I like it.
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I've been looking at youtube videos all day long on ddp yoga. My problem is I have bad knees and I don't think I can do some of the moves like getting on the floor. I maynot get up SMH.

This is an old thread has anyone tried this recently?
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I have DDP yoga and was psyched when I got it, but didn't care terribly much for it. It felt more like bootcamp-type exercises (although I certainly wasn't expecting a "zen" experience).

If you're looking for a true yoga experience, I wouldn't recommend DDP - although the workout itself is fine and certainly will get you in shape.
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I do DDP Yoga... well, I just did my first workout two days ago and today I'm due for another one. I recently had ACL ligament replacement on my knee, and I can do these moves just fine. I'm hoping these workouts will help with rehabbing my knee, as well as giving me better flexibility, balance and overall circulation.
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