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Default How much does walking really help?

Let me start off by saying that I think walking is really a great way to start being more active, but I'm wondering how much it helps for moderately active people.

I've been walking to work (~4 miles there and back) for a month and I saw some results. Now, I've taken to doing fairly vigorous cardio on a stair master and rowing machine roughly 4-6 days a week.

Will walking still have any benefits? I'm not really challenged by walking, heck, my fiance and I walked around yesterday for 50 minutes and I barely noticed the time go by...I cant really -jog- between jobs or on my break because I have to be none sweaty and presentable, so should I even bother walking about?
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I also walk whenever I can to/from work - I don't use this as my exercise for the day like some others might as I agree that's it's not nearly strenuous enough, however, I KNOW that walking to work [3.5 miles both ways] burns more calories than sitting on the subway. So therefore, it definitely does have a benefit. You will always burn more calories walking then sitting or standing.

The only way it would be bad or not worth it would be if you went from a more strenuous activity to walking which would burn less cals - like from running to walking...
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Walking has positive impact on blood pressure, blood sugar, and mood whether or not a person does other exercise.
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My friends father went walking every night for about 5/6 months and lost around 2 stone (28 lbs). He told me his walk was about 5 miles. I'm sure it was mixed in with healthy eating also. In general, he is a very healthy man. I do think it makes a different but you need to be doing it a good pace to see results. However, a poster above me was correct and I agree with what they said about even walking at a slow pace to work or that is better than sitting down on public transport because at least you're on the move. I also think that even though you are doing something else, it would be worth it still walking! The more exercise, the better if you ask me.
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If you stop walking, then try it again, you'll realize the impact it has. Early on walking was my exercise of choice. 4-6 mile walks at least 3 days a week. Then I moved on to what felt like more efficient workouts: jogging, ellipticle, bike, body pump, etc. So one day I decide to go for a 4 mile walk, and I was sore after! It works different muscles from the other exercises and I had been neglecting those muscles.
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