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Default Body Flex???

I wanted to know if anyone does this??? I bought the tapes and It looked so nutty to me! I have to some assurance before I make a fool out of myself! Thanks!
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I bought the tapes in the spring of 1998 and used them faithfully almost every day. In all honestly, they did absolutely nothing for me other than I felt terrific (more energy, slept better). I quit using them about 6 months ago finally and have now incorporated cardio and weightlifting into my life and glad I did it. I didn't do anything but bodyflex for years and now my body is paying for it!!! But, on the otherhand, many people have had great success with it. I do know that if you have alot of weight to lose you will lose inches quickly. I only wanted to lose maybe 5-10 pounds and tone up. Check out the website at www.thebodyflex.com and see for yourself how the other ladies did. I hope I didn't discourage you - I am just telling you my story.
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Default I don't know anything about this...

but I sounds a little odd.

When I read, "15 min a day of BodyFlex breathing is equal to
running 5 miles from a cardiovascular standpoint." I think I tuned out completely.

I cannot imagine 15 minutes of breathing being equal to running 5 miles. Nor can I imagine that it would do much good to do breathing exercises to burn fat but not do anything to increase lean muscle mass.

Lean muscle mass is necessary for maintaining increasted metabolic function as well as overall health and maintaining bone density (odd but true).

This sounds like another "quick fix" gimmick. lose weight without effort - can't be done.
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Default Body Flex Worked For Me!!

I did Body Flex for several months, and had wonderful success! I was at my all time highest weight, joined WW, and decided that I needed to get in some exercise. I wasn't sure what I was going to do since I'd been 'exercise deprived' for several years ...a friend of mine 'challenged' me to try Body Flex for 1 week ...she said to measure at the beginning of the week, and again when the week was up. The first couple of times, I had a hard time getting through it (laughing a lot ...I looked ridiculous, I'm sure), but I took the challenge, and did it for a week ...I doubted that it would do anything. To my complete surprise, at the end of the week, I'd lost a total of 11 1/2 inches! ...REALLY!!! Here are my measurements (of course, I kept track!)

Beginning measurement: 1 week later:

Upper arm 15 " 14"
Upper abs 33 1/2" 33"
Waist 35" 31 1/2"
Lower abs 42" 41"
Hips 48" 45"
Thigh 27" 25"

Needless to say, I was convinced after just one week that it worked! The next week, I didn't laugh as I did the exercises! I was down another 6". The next week, another 7" ...this really does work ...All together, I've lost 36 1/2".

I'm now down 94 pounds ...I did BF until I joined Curves 3 months ago (love that, too). I've got 22 more pounds to goal, and I'm going to do it! Try Body Flex ...what could it hurt, and it might surprise you!


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