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Default 30-Day Shred -- has anyone used it?

I downloaded Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred yesterday because I heard such good things about it. I sat down and just watched it last night, to see what was involved, and I have a question for anyone who might have used it.

Do you think it would be okay to do the video with a slight modification? To be specific, I am not able to do the "planking" thing and push ups are not in my range right now. Would the workout still be effective, if I skipped the planking circuit?

I'm really hoping that doing this workout, even with the modification I've mentioned, will be a good way to work out on days when the weather isn't conducive to getting out for a walk.

Any input would be appreciated!
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Can you plank with your knees on the ground? She uses plank-based moves a lot through all 3 levels, and I do some with knees on the ground and some without, depending on which move it is. I try each time to get my knees off the ground first, and I have noticed over time that I can stay in a full plank for longer.

If you can't plank with knees on the ground, then I would skip it but do something else in its place - just repeat one of the other moves that you can do.

I've been doing a Jillian Michaels DVD 5-6 days a week for the past couple of months and definitely feel stronger and more toned. I swap between 30-day shred, ripped in 30, no more trouble zones, and yoga meltdown.

You have lost a load of weight already, so whatever you are doing now must be working - congrats!
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Hi! I did Jillian 30 day SHred & I love it! It absolutely works. You said you downloaded it? Maybe you downloaded the 2nd level bc thats the level I know has the plank moves, the 1st levels doesn't. Maybe you can check back and see which level you downloaded and if its not the 1st level I'd say download that one. They are all really great workouts no matter what level, but Level 1 is the easiest, then they get more challenging as the levels go up. When I did Level 2 i did the planks but instead of on the ground I did them against my wall. I still felt the burn too!

So I dont think if you adjust some workouts to how you want them to be I dont think it will make a HUGE diference, as long as you stil give it your all.
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Hi, I LOVE Jillian, I have almost all her workouts.

I was exactly the same with the planks and push ups, try to do at least 1, then either go with the modified version, or replace with another move. As long as you keep moving you'll be ok.

As soon as you're comfortable with 1, try a few more, ease yourself into them, they are tough. Good Luck!
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Default Re:30-Day Shred -- has anyone used it?

I bought that dvd back at the end of July. I used it until my trip the second week in August and noticed I lost about 15 pounds and inches off my waist. I wasn't and still not able to do regular push ups. But if you stay with the one chick she does modified moves. Instead of regular push ups she dosen't balance on her toes, she goes the "sissy" push up from her knees and dosen't go all the way down.

If you have to skip a section of exercises dont just stand there, because the reason its called 30 day shred and only 20 mins long is because of how intense the workout is. Do a move previously in the dvd for the length of the plank circuit you can't do, because if you stop and start back up again your body wont change as fast. I notice at the end of the workout I usually can't do all the jumping jacks or oblique twists so I jog in place or do the butt kicks. It's still getting you to move to keep your heart rate up.
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Ive been using it for the past couple of weeks to, and have made a couple of modifications.

1) (for level one) I can do three proper pushups. Usually only right at the start too, before it gets to intense. So I do the sissy ones the rest, and make sure though that I go the whole way down.

2) (for level two) For the walking down pushup part here, I try to alternate between sissy pushups and proper ones, not going the whole way down.

3) I noticed that for some of the planking parts of the second level, the modified version has a slighly raised back (kinda like the downwards dog move in yoga), and this makes it easier when doing the leg work. I don't know if its good for your back though, does anyone have any experience with this?

4) level one, for the lying down raising the weights in the air part (the 'breather' part), I try to lift my legs a bit too. Seems like I can control my breathing more that way while keeping the abs tight, and possibly be working out the abs at the same time.

5) Double jumprope in level 2? at the end? Dream on, by that point I can barely move. So I just do single jump rope instead, but try to increase the pace from level one.

BTW, Oblique twists = bain of my existence. Far out, even thinking about them makes me tired. I love that I am not the only person who sometimes has problems with 30DS!
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I have the 30-day shred but haven't busted it out in a long time. I think this may be the time for it, since I don't think I'll get to the gym tomorrow.
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i use all her videos an i must say they work an u will noticed a diffrence, everyday now i do a diffrent one depends on my mood/
i also have turbo fire, insanity, p90x, core rhythem, so everyday i put in a new one from the list.
now i need to get my hands on some ZUMBA video
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