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Default Can some kind soul help me make a workout routine?

A couple of years ago I used to bike a mile and a half to my gym, workout on the elliptical for an hour, and then bike the mile and a half back. I used to lose a pound a day easily (water weight, I guess) without adjusting my diet. Then when I focused on my diet (and slightly slacked in exercise), I lost 3-4 pounds a week consistently.

Since then I slacked in both areas, experienced multiple high stress events, developed an anxiety disorder, etc. etc.

I'm trying to get my life back on track now! I have college and work, but I can fit in about an hour or two of gym time almost every day. I've been advised to work out every other day to give my muscles a rest, but I was wondering if someone could help me construct an actual workout plan.

I know which cardio machines I'm comfortable with (mostly the elliptical), but I'm more concerned with strength training. I don't know what, exactly, I should do. Any advice would be much appreciated!

In all honesty, I'm a little uncomfortable doing strength training at my school gym. It's mostly just college guys hogging all the machines, after all. I was trying to think of effective ways to do strength training at home. I have the Tae Bo Amped series on DVD which mixes Tae Bo with a resistance bar. Is that the same as strength training? If so, I'd much rather do that. xD
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If you are a little nervous about using equipment in the gym, perhaps you could start out with resistance bands. You can use them at home, at the gym, travel with them, etc. Sparkpeople has some comprehensive routines available on their website and you can check out YouTube for more.

I personally don't use any machines except the lat pull-down. I think free weights are a much more ergonomic way of strengthening muscles. However, I think with free weights it's important to get 'trained' by an expert who can show you proper form. (By trained I just mean go the first time with someone who knows what they are doing- the person running the gym, a trainer, a friend on an athletic team who lifts with a coach, etc) who can give you a demonstration. There is not a ton of room for error with machines, but there definitely is at least a bit with free weights. This is what makes them a little more intimidating at first, but in the opinion of many "better" for effective lifting.

As far as a routine, do some googling on Stumptuous.com, buy a Fitness or Shape magazine, etc. (the latter two are not amazing resources, but make strength training accessible to beginners). These will give you ideas for routines. You don't really need a bona-fide official "routine" you find somewhere, you can make your own based on exercises you see in resources like these. The most important thing is to hit all your muscle groups

Good luck!
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I don't really use machines either just body weight resistance - walking lunges, squats, push ups, planks etc. You can find videos on youtube about proper form and some other examples of resistance exercises.
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check out the New Rules of LIfting for women, OR the Big Book Of Exercises (by Mens Healt) For WOmen....... especially the latter, youll find TONS of workout routines, and over 600 strength moves with pictures and explanation as well
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Originally Posted by mkroyer View Post
check out the New Rules of LIfting for women, OR the Big Book Of Exercises (by Mens Healt) For WOmen....... especially the latter, youll find TONS of workout routines, and over 600 strength moves with pictures and explanation as well

Or, if you really want step by step guidance, consider either hiring a personal trainer at the local gym or get a good, reputable video exercise set for home use. I am currently doing the P90X program and I would say that they do an excellent job in the program of teaching you how to do the exercises, telling you when to do the exercises (in what order, so your muscle groups get a chance to rest) and even what to eat (and what not to eat). There are many of those type programs out there, it doesn't have to be P90X. Find something that appeals to you. That's the only way you will stick with it.
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