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Default Getting in your car after a workout...

Do you? Do you shower at home? What if you go somewhere that doesn't have showers? Do you sit on a towel in your car? Or do you just get in sweaty? Just curious.
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I haven't gone to the gym since July because I don't have a membership and my friend that does never goes. When I did I would just in the car sweaty. I don't feel comfortable taking showers in public though. Then again I don't take a shower after I work out at home unless I'm drenched either although I probably should. XD
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Since I use like 50 products after I shower :wink: I just get in sweaty and go home and shower. If I have to stop in, like a drugstore, I go in gross. I would probably draw the line at going anywhere nicer since I get super sweaty.
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It hasn't been a problem this winter, but last summer I lined my driver seat with a beach towel. It wasn't the prettiest, but it was easy to just take it and wash it. At home too, I will not sit on furniture until I've had a shower.
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I wait until I get home to shower and sometimes I even run errands sweaty. I don't sit on a towel... but once I sat on a chair when I took my daughter to ballet and was embarressed that I left a sweaty buttprint. When it was cold I would take off my sweaty shirt and put a sweatshirt on and pull warmup over my exercise pants but now that it is warm again I just GO GO GO.
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I just get in the car and drive home sweaty, then shower after I get home. Sometimes I do run errands too after working out, though I try to do that only on days when I haven't sweated as much (usually strength training days; I tend to sweat A LOT with cardio workouts).
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I shower at the gym after water aerobics cuz I gotta get the chemicals off my skin. I line up all 5 of my bottles in the stall and do my normal routine.

I go home to shower after my sweaty BodyPump class but I use a big towel on my car seat.
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I get in the car, I don't like using public shower facilities. Sometimes I'll go pick up dinner or whatever I just try and do my hair reasonable so it looks like I just showered anyways because I would have dripped with sweat from my workout.
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Default Seat Covers! lol

I have seat covers, lol. But I'm never drenched in sweat. If some micro sweats get out, I just wash the covers when I wash the back towels that I use for my dog. I hate public facilities anything. When my mom took classes for her clinic job, she learned that there are more germs on handles then most things. Sink handles, showers handles, toilets handles, you name it! At least my germs are my own.

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Waterproof Seat Shield

I have the Ultra Seat Shield. Love it. Though if I could go back and do it again I would get the Elite, as the Ultra slips on my leather seats.
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I shower at the gym. But I used to just go home and shower. Doesn't make much of a difference to me- I just do it now because I go straight to work.
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I don't shower at the gym frequently, if so, then in summer only.
Although I sweat a lot during exercise (especially in a Zumba or spinning class), I don't worry about getting into my car. Typically, I sweat a lot more on my upper body than on my lower body and I always wear gym pants, so I don't see why not. I always go straight home from the gym to shower, I have fine hair and unless I wash my hair I will look like I emerged from the sewer.
Fortunately, it takes me 5 minutes by car to get home - sometimes less, depending on the traffic lights - it's a short distance but I have cross three intersections with traffic lights.
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I always shower at the gym, cannot stand the thought of funking up the car or being sweaty when I'm not actually working out
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I pretty much have no choice but to drive home sweaty. I have to wait to go until my husband gets home so I normally get there at 9:30 or so. Then the gym closes at 11pm but I like to be out at 10:30- 10:45. That doesn't leave much time to do cardio + weights then shower.

After all the abuse my vehicle endures from me, husband and two kids, a little sweat won't hurt anything. I'm not a garden hose of sweat.
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I just get in the car - today I went to Target after my workout, and I'm probably the sweatiest person in the world. I swear, I soak through my clothes EVERY day at the gym. Its so gross!
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