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Default Jogging at the speed of walking...?

Hello, I would like to ask for opinions on this...

I started walking/jogging last year at my highest weight and I had a very weak start: I jogged for 10-15 seconds (basically, one lightpost to the next) for every 5-10 minutes I walk. Now, I can alternate 1 minute of jogging with 1 minute of walking... and although I am happy with my progress, I want to push myself harder! However, jogging for more than a minute makes my breathing unsteady like I am hyperventilating...

I read an advice that I should make my pace slower... to jog at a pace I am comfortable with... So I slowed down my jog and it looks ridiculous because I am "jogging" alongside an old woman who is brisk walking... the speed is almost the same, except I am doing the jogging motions! To be fair, I am able to "jog" for 5 minutes (500 meters) without stopping or hyperventilating when I do this...

My question is: Do you think slow jogging is still jogging and give me the same benefits?

I really want to lose body fat since last time I checked, mine is at 47% (back when I was 176lbs in April). I also have huge fatty calves (18", no kidding!) that makes jogging even more difficult. But I enjoy it anyway! So I really wonder if this kind of jogging is doing me any good or I should push myself using the old, faster pace...?

For the record, I am not doing any weight training (not yet anyway)... so jogging is my primary workout.

All your thoughts are welcome... Thanks in advance!!!
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Getting the jogging motion down great! When you first start running, don't worry about speed. Focus in on time during the runs and progress from there. Speed will come later, just work yourself up to running more and more.

Have you heard of the couch to 5k program? It is an excellent run/walk program and really helps you progress.
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Thanks Matt!
The jogging motion is great indeed... I feel like a legitimate jogger, only slower
I really do hope my speed improves... I heard some teenagers snickering when they saw me jogging. I must have looked silly to them!

I am trying to follow the Couch-to-5K program but my timer is just the huge clock in the track field... so I end up messing the time and going by my own pace. But my goal is to jog 5K as well = or jogging around the whole oval track at least 12.5 times! That would be great!!!
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It's like you are describing me! I used go jogging with my ex and he had to walk to stay in line with me. Well I cannot do any faster so i just do what i can and i do feel good after exercise so I just do what i can depending on my fitness level. Like today I went swimming but i my body just could not do much, so I leave it at that. Pushing myself a little bit is good to increase performance. But not making myself do things that my body just cannot do, simply because others can. It gets better with time. Jogging outside is harder than jogging on a treadmill. At my unfittest, I would jog for 5-10 mins outside, at my fittest 40-45 at the gym. So keep up it is what you make out of it and yeah it is beneficial, def worth it!
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DH & I did the c25k program Spring 2009. He claimed that I walked faster than I "jogged" ...
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hope for recovery - I'm glad to read your reply!!! I can't wait to run 40-45 minutes... that's at least 5K right there!! As long as my slow jogging benefits me and does not take me a step back as I initially feared, I'll be doing it regularly. I love the feeling it gives me. Thank you so much!

losermom - I think it's the same for me... I walk faster than I jog!
But there must be a difference because I sweat buckets when I'm jogging (no matter how slow), but I can walk an hour without getting tired!
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I am a super slow jogger. In time, you'll get faster. If you like it then I wouldn't worry about it.
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I have continued to do my intervals (treadmill) of jogging 2 minutes (at 4.5 MPH) and walking 5 minutes (at 3.2 MPH) - and I still have been having a hard time. So taking this and some other threads to heart, I decided to slow it down. So today I walked 4 minutes (at 3.2 MPH) and jogged 3 minutes (at 4.0 MPH). OhMiGawd - I can't believe what a difference that .5 MPH made! I easily did my 4 intervals and felt like I could keep going!

So I'm sold. I'm going to continue at this pace, gradually increasing the time that I "run" until I can do 30 minutes straight and then start increasing my speed - what do you think?
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I moved up to 5 min jogs this past week and had to slow WAY down. I know it feels kind of rediculous, but it's a start! My priority is distance right now, and I know the speed will come with practice.
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I don't think it's a matter of jogging slow or fast it is what your heart rate is doing. Training in the correct heart rate zone will help you exercise more efficiently and and burn fat more efficiently. If you are putting a lot of strain on your heart then you are probably over training. I know that sounds funny, I never thought that could happen. Here is an article about zone training and the importance of it:

Training in the Correct Zone to Improve Endurance

Exercising is a key part in remaining at a healthy weight and keeping your heart healthy, but what many do not know is that there is a zone that they should stay in while they are exercising. This zone is called the Heart Rate Zone or hrz. Staying in this range while exercising is vital not only when losing weight, but also in maintaining overall heart health.

Calculating your hrz is fairly simple. First you need to find your max heart rate (mhr). This is done by taking 220 and subtracting your current age.

Once you have your maximum heart rate calculated you need to take that number and multiply it by 60 percent and then again by 80 percent. For example 200 times . 60 is 120 and then 200 times . 80 is 160. These two new numbers are the zone in which your heart should stay in for the duration of your exercise session.

With these new numbers you now have you want to make sure that during your workouts your heart rate stays in that given range. In doing so you are ensuring that the most vital muscle in your body, your heart, is able to circulate oxygenated blood around to your muscles and organs. If your heart is beating too fast or is not beating fast enough your body will not be provided with the correct amount of oxygen that it needs to sustain the activity you are participating in.

By staying in this provided range you are also effectively burning calories. As we all know the more calories you burn the less that are left to turn into fat. This heart rate zone allows your body to do double duty in keeping your heart working effectively while also helping you to burn those extra calories.

This is also important for losing weight as well. If your body is able to work effectively delivering nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and organs that need it you will be able to continue moving. This will allow you to burn more calories and in the end lose more weight.

I hope this is helpful!

Good luck!
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Cherry-- Yes. Good plan.

Received wisdom in the running community is that you work on speed OR distance, not both at the same time. And ISTM that you need distance before it's worthwhile to think about speed.
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LandonsBaby - Thank you! The idea that I'll get faster is truly motivating!!!

CherryPie99 - Sounds like a plan! I'm working my way to 10 minutes. I know exactly that "moment" when you realize that you can actually run longer at a slower pace... it's fantastic!!!

Aclai4067 - Way to go! I run on an oval track so I really want to do as much laps as I can. My ultimate goal now is 12 laps or 5K. I trust that our speeds will improve in time!

Rachael - Thanks for the info! That was really helpful... I guess it's important to take things slow and be patient. I might have put more stress on my body than necessary during my past attempts because I felt like my heart was gonna burst! Now I know better...

MariaMaria - Thanks for the info! That's good to know... Now I don't feel bad anymore about my super slow pace lol

Good luck to us, ladies! I'm glad that I'm not alone in this... I was feeling like a 'freak' last time lol Let's all take it slowly but surely
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I started jogging in May at 3.2 mph on the treadmill. In November, I ran an 8:55 mile. Imagine how much faster I'll get this year! I do my regular training runs at an 11:00-12:00 pace depending on how far I'm going. The slower you go, the longer you'll last. Make most of your weekly runs slow runs, and then toss in a speed interval day if you have the need for speed.
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