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Default Do you prefer classes?

I'm SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED! This fall, for school, I should be attending a University that has a brand new gym and is free to the students. It's so big and beautiful... and not only is the gym free to students, but so are all the classes!

I have my eye on one of the classes in particular.... (hopefully it'll be offered next fall, but we'll see)

Cardio Challenge - This intermediate/advanced class caters to those who wish to improve their vertical jump, speed, and agility through a series of dynamic moves and plyometric exercises.

I have no idea what that means, but the class is at the highest difficulty rating. But, but, I want to improve my jumping, speed, and agility!! I'm terrified of not being able to keep up though

Anyways, I've never participated in a work out class thingie. Do you guys like them? Why or why not? What's the best and worst parts about participating in them?
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I don't, only because I can't stand the feeling of having people watching me. I know that probably sounds silly... I know people are focused on their workouts but I've had weird guys come up to me and ask me out and I didn't like it. I prefer working out at home, my MIL gave me her treadmill and I have basic weights and DVD's to use.
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I love classes, but I also love working out alone. They serve different purposes. I love my yoga, NIA, and sports conditioning class. I go to one a week. It breaks up the monotony of running on the treadmill day in and day out. Something different

I used to be terrified of them. I'm not very coordinated or flexible so I was afraid of looking out of place, but in a class you can blend in. It's personal instruction that I hate. I had a one-on-one yoga class once and it was awful. The instructor got so frustrated with me Classes are much better if you don't want to be singled out!
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I LOVE classes! LOVE them.

Your class description sounds like you'll be doing a lot of jumping (plyo) and a lot of HIIT (high intensity intervals), to me.
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that's so awesome! my college barely has a fitness center, let alone classes for free.

i LOVE taking classes! i used to fear that people watched me, but i've found they're so worried about what they're doing themselves that they could care less. i find it WAY more motivating to be with a group who shares the same goals!!
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I love classes!!!! I've been a member at a few gyms and recently found a new one with amazing classes I actually like going to the gym. I do a class similar sounding to the one you described. I would give it a try it's probably a great workout. Just make sure you pace yourself the first class. You don't want to make yourself sick. After the first one you will know what to expect and can step up the intensity.

Have fun!
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