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Default No Wind and it Hurts

I having 2 problems with getting exercising.
(1) 5 minutes into my walking I get so winded. It’s not even a fast walk just regular pace. By the when I’m huffing and puffing would think I just completed a 2 mile run.
(2) I have problem with knee plain. That’s one of the reason I’m trying to lose the weight. It just makes it so hard to get moving so that I can deep the weight I need to.

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Walk slowly and just keep at it...eventually your endurance will build and you'll be able to do more.

As far as knees... maybe try something low impact while exercising? Maybe swimming? You don't want to hurt yourself.
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agree with damngina - maybe slow it down a bit so that you can walk for longer.

Try slower but for 6 mins next time.

Try 7 mins for your sessions next week.

Then try 8 mins the week after.

In the meantime remember that every time you're huffing and puffing and out of breath it means that you're pushing yourself and you're getting fitter.

Slowly but surely.

Or maybe think about hiring an exercise bike or doing some other exercise that will let you burn energy without putting too much stress on your knees whilst you get a bit fitter? Or look on the internet for some non-weight bearing exercises you can do at home - i'm sure i found a few when i broke my foot earlier this year, but can't remember what they were now.
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Do you have asthma? It affected me like this. Exercise Induced Asthma, I think it is called. Have you had your DHEA Sulfate levels (blood test) checked? I used to have joint pain (especially knees) and found out these levels were too high. I take some medicine for this and feel much better. Also, Krill Oil (supplement in a caplet from Health Food Store) has helped the pain.
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Thank you all for your ideas. I’m determine to do this. I know I will feel so much better. My next Dr. visit I will ask him about the asthma.
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Good walking shoes make a world of difference. Concentrate on rhythmic breathing....find what is comfortable for you. Even if you walk a shorter distance or slow down your pace, you are making progress. Just don't stop.
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