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Unhappy How to Control Jiggles during excercise ( not talking sports bra )?

It is not a self concious thing. I find that the jiggles really irritate me during excercising. My breasts litterally can take the air from my lungs from banging my chest the mix of shorts and traditional bra does wonders there.

It is the other fat more specifically my belly...errr pooch that hangs down that irritates me. I find once i get sweaty and if any sort of jumping or bouncing movement is needed it gets uncomfortable quickly.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce jiggles but still stay movable to excercise?
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Maybe a compression shirt or compression shorts? UnderArmor makes some good ones that work well. Good luck!!
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I wear a tight tank top underneath my exercise short to help hold things together, I also finds it helps me keep form more nicely.

Some tank tops are built with ribbing in them to help hold your tummy in too
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I wear compression shorts. They are like a bra for your lower body.
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I wear a tight tank top when I work out, underneath a t shirt usually. I might have to try some of these compression shorts though. I see other runners wearing them.
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compression shorts or capris

If you are self conscious on how your butt looks in compression wear a long t or basketball shorts over the compression shorts.

If you have a problem with waist band digging on compression shorts, you can also get a short tank unitard (one piece tank and shorts together) for under workout wear but then you cant pee without getting all undressed.
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Ugh, I have the same problem. It's very uncomfortable. I've gotten some ankle-length tights to wear under my pants when I exercise. And sometimes I'll double-up on the sports bras. I know it probably looks bulky, but it provides so much more control when I'm jumping/jogging.
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I had the same problem, it was recommended to get a workout tank that's somewhat stretchy (not too much though) in a size smaller than I usually buy. Works for me to hold down the belly flab.
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I wear a super tight racerback tank over my sports bra and then I've also found a brand called "the girls" at tjMaxx that makes shorts that have the high waist band to prevent any jiggles. I've bought 3 pairs and they've kept up well so far..
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I wear a nike or under armor workout tank under my shirt.
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Oh I'm so glad you started this thread! I won't run on a treadmill or jump rope because of this very problem! I jump then the belly and back jumps, then I land, then the belly and back land. Looks like I'm going to go get some under armor!
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