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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Choose your hard
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I've been lurking too just to see how things turned out. So glad you like the Y Jacksonmom. Especially since you were shying away from the whole gym concept in the first place.

I totally agree with everything Rupertsmom said. Found that to be true myself.

And I have been working with a personal trainer for a few months now. It's wonderful and worth the investment in myself. Even if you don't pay for one (and if you do decide to go that route, make SURE they are focusing on you) - even just a session or two with a fitness consultant is great. I've encountered a couple of ladies here who varied their routines and got alot out of just a session or two.

Keep it up and ENJOY!
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I'm so excited that YOU DID IT!!!! Now make your plan and force yourself to stick with it. It's very likely it will be a struggle for you to do that for a while ... a month, six weeks. Things will come up - you get sick, the baby gets sick, company comes, the house is mess and you feel guilty taking the time for yourself instead of cleaning, and on and on and on. BUT if you will make it a high priority, and get through an initial time period, you WILL make it a habit and something that you really WANT to do!!! You're excited right now, but in a week or two you might lose some of that excitement (for instance, you might be jumping on the scale and the numbers aren't going down!) -- STICK WITH IT! If the scale depresses you, STAY OFF OF IT! Give it time, and it will become a welcome part of your day!

I, for one, am very proud of you!
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Yeah- spandex is insane. But it better than the leotard and tights thing that was popular a while back. So it could be worse- you could be wearing leg warmers! Actually the shorts are good because they stay put ! Keep up the good work. Treat yourself to a good walkman and some good music - consider it an investment.
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I've gone everyday this week and love it! If you want to see my updates check my other thread under exercise it's the exercise challenge. Thanks for all the support.
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I can totally understand where you're coming from. But think of it this way , I have over 100 ponds to lose and I work at a gym. I am a receptionist, my job includes signing on new members. I can tell you that, most people who work and workout here are focused on their own lives that they don't worry about what everyone else looks like.
I too was intimidated by the atmosphere of a health club. It took me 3 months to go in our fitness center after the day I started working.

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Talking The gym thang

I relize this is an older post BUT I got to give my 2 cents on the whole gym thang.

Women's Gym
The equipment is smaller, almost everyone is fat, pretty easy to go to. Though I found the aerobics class disturbing, "AND SMILE NOW LADIES!"

24 Hour Fitness/Bally's
I have causght women actually checking thier make-up there. What is this a singles club Plus I was generally unimpressed with the staff can anyone over 12 work there

Personal Trainer
Awesome but costly. I had a really funny,attractive, nice, intelligent one for awhile and I lost the pounds. Then she went back to college and well the next one just sucked. I paid her to leave me alone

Private Gym
Select company, smaller so equipment is limited, is almost always empty when I go. The guys sometimes make adjustments to the machines that make it a workout to put back. But I think this is my preference besides working out at home(PLUS LESS GERMS think about it and when ur at 24 hr try not to gag)

So there it is,
Ms. Chris
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Exclamation Great Gyms

I totally know how you feel, but there are great woman gyms now they are called CURVES for Woman. I belong to one and its only woman the program is only 30 minutes long and mixes cardio with strenght training. Most of the woman there are on some kind of diet plan whether its weight watchers or something else. There should be one near you as I believe there is about 3500 of them across the country. Its a place that you dont feel out of place or embarrassed. I know at my gym we actually have quite a few woman who are well over 300 pounds and do the program. Let me know how you go
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