Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Smile Exercise HIGH!

Hi I was curious to see if any of you have ever gotten that high from exercising. I've been reading a lot of fitness mags and lots of times it says exercising and running is so enjoyable that after awhile it gives you a sort of "high" because of I dunno the endorphins, adrenaline or something that you release kind of like drug use. I read one girl exercised so much because of the feeling she got from it. Now I know that too much of anything can be bad (food ) But I was just wondering if any of you get this feeling of high and that at some point exercising will be pleasant and a great feeling for me. Cause as of now it sucks and I'm just being honest. And if it is possible how long do you think it takes before you start to love.

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I absolutely do get a real physical and psychological lift from exercising. It is still hard some days to get going, and I do work hard at it, but I always feel GREAT by the end. I feel happy, pumped up, and ready to tackle the world. Maybe it's the endorphins, or maybe I've just learned to associate exercise and sweat with positive feelings. But I definitely feel the positive effect and I miss it on the rare days when I don't work out.

It wasn't always like that. I remember a time when working out was pretty much like torture, but at least I always felt good about the fact that I did it. I don't remember how long it took to feel differently, but I think it was a gradual process. Over time, the same exercise felt easier, I started seeing progress, then it started being more fun, and then I started looking forward to it and now I hate to miss a day. I'm thinking it took months to get to that point.

I think it's important to find some exercise mode that appeals to you and start at a level that you are comfortable with. I love to run, and I love group exercise classes. So that's what I do. On the other hand, doing the elliptical for a half hour would be horribly boring and I'd hate that, so I don't do it.

Whatever you choose to do for workouts, it takes time to get comfortable and build endurance, so just stick with it. It will get better!
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I can tell you two things.

I remember a few times when I was a kid, playing soccer, they would send me off to run laps. I remember one occasion, I think I was almost crying I was so tired... and suddenly this dreamy feeling came over me, where I felt wonderful and I could keep running, and it was effortless. I only remember that feeling happening once.

During the summer, when I had time off from work, I was getting some really nice workouts in, and for some reason, I had this workout that left me feeling really really upbeat and happy. It was different from the usual "I feel good ´cause I moved my butt" feeling. But it wasn't the same feeling as when I was a kid.

Were those examples of the mysterious "runners high?" I don't know.

What I do know, is that while I´m exercising I consciously focus on how my body feels, to observe and identify the sensations I'm experiencing. Usually it feels pretty good. I also am very careful not to do too much.

If you are just starting out, just do what feels good and really focus on that. Reflect after your workouts - Did that feel good? How would you feel if you hadn't just exercised? It has taken me a long time to learn to enjoy exercise, but I think I'm getting there... ! Good luck!
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