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Default How much do daily circumstances affect your workouts?

I've never, ever been a runner. I also always work out right after work, around 6, and at most, i can jog at 5.5 mph for no more than 15 minutes. Also, this week was TOM, i was stressed about work, didn't sleep very well, and i could just tell my workouts were just not as intense. You can imagine my surprise, then, when yesterday morning, after a good nights sleep and a good breakfast (the power protein plate from starbucks is awesome!), I went to the gym and ran for 35 minutes straight. I couldn't believe! I just kept going! I've never gone over 15 minutes!

so, my question is, is it weird that this happened, should i be able to do the 35 minute jog everyday? or are there others out there like me who can only do these fluke workouts when all the conditions are right??

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my sleep and eating affects my workouts a lot. At my last workout I was well rested but hadn't eaten the most balanced meals before, and I was able to complete my workout but I felt like I had extra weights attached to me the whole time. The day before that, I had eaten well but was sleep deprived, and I couldn't even finish my normal workout. Making sure you rest and eat balanced meals makes a HUGE difference in your potential!

oh and running at 5.5 for 15 min is awesome. I'm still just starting out and have worked up to 5.0mph for 4 min

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If I haven't gotten enough sleep or haven't been eating as well as I should or even if I'm stressed out about school, my workouts suffer. That's why I like classes more than just going at the treadmill myself, because then there is someone to remind me when I'm slacking! That being said, I'm still on the treadmill a few times a week. So, long story short, you are definitely not alone in this, daily ups and downs totally play a roll in my workouts.
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I've found that I can workout the hardest and longest when I work out in the morning, but no immediately after waking up. If I work out right after I wake up or in the evening, I can't go as long or as hard. This may have been the difference for you too!
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It's mainly in relation to my caffeine LOL. I've started having a cup right before my husband comes home because I workout when he gets home. That helps me power through my workouts better. I have a 10 month old and a 2 1/2 year old so by daily circumstances absolutely affect my workouts. On days that I have a tough day with them I typically run harder and faster. I guess I have some aggression to get out! Better to take it out on the pavement than on my sweet little angels!
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I definitely find some days are better than others and sometimes there is no logical reason for it. One day it might be a struggle to do my usual 5 mile run and then the very next I might feel so awesome I go and do a few miles extra!

Even if I am tired I will push through it, I always feel so energised afterward. I'm sick at the moment with a double ear infection which is driving me insane. I have just started running again...slowly slowly lol, cause the body is willing but I know I shouldnt be pushing it.
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