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Default Strength Training Advice Needed

So I have lost about 91 lbs now. For my exercise I started out riding a stationary bike, this summer I was able to do a lot of biking outside also. Then the beginning of September my husband bought me an elliptical trainer which I really love. I have about 19 lbs yet I want to loose and I think adding some strength training would help take it off a bit faster...maybe? I just am not sure what to do. I use my elliptical 50-60 min 5-6 days a week right now.

I have a couple limitations. I have a bum knee. It has gotten a lot better since loosing my weight, but it still bothers me if I overdo it. So squats and stuff like that really bother it. I also have had 3 c-sections and a hernia repair (caused by my c-sections), so doing crunches/sit-ups gives me like a charlie horse in my stomach, which hurts and is hard to un-knot.

So any suggestions for what I could try? I need stuff I can do at home also. I am curious about kettlebells. Is that mostly a standing workout?

I hope that all made sense. I appreciate any suggestions you may have.
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I'd say, avoid deep squats because of knee issues. Some gyms have a machine that allows you to do seated leg presses or seated leg lifts, and for me those are better. But it sounds like you are at home.

One of the best leg exercises is just getting up and down from a chair without using your hands. The chair should be fairly high--not a soft, low one. It's sometimes easier to start from a bed, if your bed is higher than a chair. (You want to avoid a deep bend.)

Crunches and situps aren't necessary. You might consider the "Crunchless Abs" DVD--but some of the exercises on that video might be too much for you. However, you can always skip them until you build up a bit.

Kettlebells can be used for a variety of workouts, including seated. I prefer plain ol' dumbells myself. An 8 pound or 10 pound set would be good to start, BUT, if you have no history of working with weights, then start with lower weights, like 5 pounds. Again, you'll want to work up. You can also look into resistance bands, which are like big rubber bands in different levels of resistance.

Strong muscle helps burn fat more efficiently, so weight/resistance training is a GOOD thing to add! Using weights also helps prevent loss of muscle mass while losing fat.

Good luck!

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