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Question The Firm?

Has anyone ordered "The Firm" workout plan?

What do you think? Is it worth it?

I know the marketing company that sells it is LOUSY with a capital L, but that doesn't mean the program itself is....

Just wondering.
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Yes, I ordered the "Firm" tapes and they are excellent. At my present fitness level they are TOUGH but the music and the teachers are great. The cuing is good so I don't get "lost."

I agree big time with your assessment of the marketing company. I ordered the tapes, paying full price to get "express" shipping, and they finally arrived TWO MONTHS after I'd ordered -- seemed they were back ordered when I called but they certainly never bothered to tell me that. I also ordered the set of weights they offered and those NEVER arrived -- I finally called a few days ago and cancelled that portion of the order. I'll pick some up used here locally. Might not be as "nice" but at least I'll have them.

I would suggest using Collage video (www.CollageVideo.com) to get the tapes ... I've bought from them in the past and they were prompt and reliable. They carry LOTS of the Firm tapes ...

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Default Thanks!

Thanks for your reply. I'll look into the link you provided!

Yes, GT is the same company that sells many things, not the least of which is Richard Simmons stuff. They just keep sending it out unsolicited and just hoping you open it up. Of course, they charge your credit card immediately!! It's awful.

I finally wrote them a strongly worded email about taking us off their mailing list. I guess we'll see if it did any good b/c I haven't heard a word from them.

Look out for unsolicited packages from them.

Thanks again!!
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I'm a big (pun intended ) fan of The Firm videos and recently ordered their newest "system" (the three new videos & Fanny Lifter). I'm not sure what marketing company you're referring to, but you can certainly order direct from The Firm (www.firmdirect.com). I got my order in good time with no problems whatsoever.

Good Luck!
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Hi there...If ya don't mind, I think I'll move this into the "Exercise" forum...(There'll be a sticky here in Diet Plans though).

I think you'll get a lot more answers there - I'm not a 'tape workout person' but a lot of folks at the Exercise forum are! Take care...
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I ordered mine with the 800 number they give on the commercial and it took so long to get them I was getting worried that I had been scammed. I have only been doing them a week, combining them with the Walk Away tapes. The Firm is TOUGH! I can't do the whole Cardio Sculpt yet. I can't keep up. I have been doing the Body Sculpt and Ab tapes and really think that they are an excellent work out. As sore as I get, they should work sooner or later.
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