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Default Walking headache?

Been on a l-o-ng walk this morning, was aiming for an hour but my sense of direction is useless, so it was two hours. The dog and I are lying in a heap now.

I feel great really buzzy, apart from a headache. Now, I'm not complaining, I'm just still trying to get the hang of my body, trying to understand it.

I was hydrated when I went out.
When I got back I had 10 fl oz of water and then another 10.
I ate some protein and some carbs.

About 2 hours on now, I've got the headache, not something I usually get. So I just wondered: could I be dehydrated still? Or have I released some somethings or hey, what might it be?

Like I say, if it gets bad enough I'll take a tablet, it ain't no problem. I just want to know more.
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There could be a number of reasons and many of them not related the exercise itself. Was it a warm day? Did you not have any caffiene today? Were you dehydrated before the exercise?

I guess if this happens frequently after exercise then I would be concerned but in the meantime treat it as a normal headache and take medication if you feel you should.

Good on you for such a long walk though
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You mention that you ate afterwards, but did you eat enough before leaving for your walk... Let's say you ate an hour before you left, then walked for 2 hours, that is 3 full hours without food. It may have been too late to prevent the headache by the time you got home eventhough you ate and rehydrated asap. Just take a pill and relax a bit... Congrats on your walk you burned a ton of calories
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I get headaches after the treadmill and have bee wondering the same thing... I'll def. keep water on hand to make sure that Im no getting dehydrated
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Are you congested? Congestion gives me a worse headache when I exercise. Just a thought.
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Was the sun out? Exercising in the sun can give you a headache if you aren't wearing a hat. Especially if you were out walking in the sun for two hours, enough so that you felt fatigued when you finished.
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