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Default 2 weeks in, how can I improve my routine?

After having 3 kids, and being a stay at home mom for 8 years, I decided to go to work in October. I weight 241 when I started work as a Walmart cashier (lol i know right?). Anyways, as a Walmart cashier you have to park far away from the building, so I was doing a lot of walking every day when you factor in walking to break room to clock in and 3 breaks a day, and clock out. (Just the other day, I got curious, and bought a pedometer, put it on before work and checked it after work, 8 hours. I had 6500 steps just from work. )

About a month ago or so I decide to start Slim Fast, alot of people around me have been doing it and it's been working for them. Plus it sounded easy for me to follow with my erratic work schedule, and convenient to just throw a couple snack or meal bars in my purse before work. When I started I was 231 pounds. Then 2 weeks ago I was 228, feeling optimistic and joined a gym. I go there everyday after work for an hour, even on days I don't work I still go. Today I weigh 225.

So I guess what I'm doing is working, but I wonder if I'm doing everything right. the gym offers personal training for free, but I can never get in during office hours (24 hour gym) because of my schedule. Here is what I've been doing:

Elliptical for 15 minutes, stationary bike for 30 minutes, and treadmill for 15 minutes. The elliptical has been a real challenge, some days I can only do 10 at the beginning I mean. Once I can do the 15 minutes easily, I'm going to up it to 20 etc etc. The bike, no problem, it's the easiest for me, but I wonder how good of a workout it gives. I rarely see other people using them, and I feel like it's the "lazy workout?".

Should I be switching machines like that? Should I try to just use one the whole hour? I try to give my body variety so it doesn't get stuck if that makes sense. Plateua'ed or whatever you call it.

I bought smaller clothes today, so I can't deny that something is working. Advice? I know that I'm very out of shape, but I AM capable. Not like some other people at my size who think they can't work out because of their weight, I think I do a good job. But then I get discouraged when I see thin people in there full blown *running*. Is slow walk *enough*? (3.0 speed)

Sorry to go on and on for my very first post, just having some doubts with my routine (which equals out to be 6 miles according to the machines)...

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That sounds like a great routine to me. You do more excersise then I do! Looks like it's working for you as well, so the only thing I wonder about is what you eat other then the snack and meal bars. Are you counting calories or just trying to make healthier choices all around? I'm no expert but WTG!
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how about talking to personal trainer on your day off?
All sorts of cardio (what you are doing) is graet. The more the better! and rotating them is awesome. How intance do you work out? are you pushing yourself till you cant talk during exercising? Give it a time and inches will drop fast
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More on my eating habits: I follow Slim Fast, pretty much to the letter. I have a shake for breakfast. Then I have a snack bar for a morning snack. Then lunch is a meal bar plus 200 calories, usually some Healthy Choice soup, or veggies/fruit, fiber crackers, etc. Afternoon snack is a snack bar. Then dinner is just something healthy. Tends to be 1/4 protein, 1/4 starch, 1/2 veggies. Night snack is fruit. If I"m at home, I will add a veggie or fruit with the snack bars like you're suppose to. But if I'm at work, it's not feasible to do in a 15 minute break lol. I have cut way back on diet soda's, I drink mostly Crystal Light, trying to go to 100% water. I'm serious about this. I didn't try to lose weight while I was still planning on babies, but now I'm done soooo lol.

As for the workout, I wouldn't say that it's intense where I can't talk. I read today that it should be. I've always stopped when I got to that point, because I didn't want to pass out or something lol. I leave the gym sweating. I want to step up the intensity, but I feel like I should do it at a slow pace. I can feel myself being able to do more and faster every day. I do the treadmill at 3.0 speed, and I can talk but I feel breathless. 3.5 is the point where I don't think I could talk but I can't keep up with the speed for long.

My main thing was if changing machines is smart. I mean, is 15 minutes on one even worth it? lol. I will keep up what I'm doing though until I get a chance to talk with the trainer. I have 3 kids though, so getting in during the day even on a day off gets challenging. I'm thinking, I do 6000 steps at work, that's 3 miles, plus the 6 I get at the gym at night..that's better than nothing
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i switch machines at the gym....it doesn't matter what machine your on as long as you get your heart rate up while doing it. i have to really push it on the bike to get my heart rate up. btw.. if you think the elliptical was hard try pedaling backwards and see how much your legs scream at you.
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