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Default Exercise Routine

I have been going to the gym religously 3x a week four about 3 weeks now but I am unsure if I am doing enough while I am there. I usually start out on the treadmill at 3.5 for five minutes then I try to run for 2 minutes @ 4.5.
Alternating for about 30minutes. Next I move to the Eliptical for 30minutes.
Then I try to get in some weights such as rowing, arms etc..

Any suggestions on what I should change?
I am trying to save my pennies for a trainer but that is going to be awhile.

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Hi MdTerrapin--

I admire your dedication to the gym!

Correct me if I'm wrong anybody, but I think if you want to see weight loss, you need to exercise more than three days a week.

Keep going!!

~ tea
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I think your plan is great..especially the weight lifting! keep it up! Every fitness expert I have ever talked to states that interval training is best for weight loss..if you look it up...you will see that interval trainers are actually the leanest...it is because you burn a higher % of fat at lower intensities..even though higher intensity means more calories...

there are two pathways of breaking down sugar for energy for muscles...anareobic and areobic

if you can do the workout for 20 minutes or more it's areobic...if not aneorobic..

here's one study

What most people don’t know is that intervals are the best cardio method for fat loss. Most guys in the gym are hung up on doing excessive amounts of work, but shorter, more intense intervals get the job done better.

Intervals continue to burn calories and fat after the training session, and that’s something you won’t get from slower, longer sessions of cardio. When Canadian researchers compared interval training and long, slow cardio training, it was interval training that was shown to be more effective for fat loss.

Use this workout 3-5 times per week to blast fat.

Start with this beginner protocol:

Warm-up for 5-minutes.

Work for 30 seconds at an 8/10 level of intensity.

Follow that with “active rest” for 90 seconds at a 3/10 level of intensity.

Repeat for 3-8 intervals.

Finish with 15 minutes of traditional cardio for “transition” and cool-down.

As you become accustomed to intervals, progress to the experienced protocol:

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes.

Work at a 9/10 level of intensity for 30 seconds.

Follow that with “active rest” for 60 seconds at a 3/10 level of intensity.
Repeat for 4-10 intervals.

Finish with 5 minutes of low intensity exercise for a cool-down.

good job on the working out!
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Thanks for the advice but it would be impossible for me to more than that. I work 12 hour days on Tuesday & Thursday. I also work 12hour days every other weekend. I have lost 20lbs since February 2nd so I must be doing something right.

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3 times a week is enough to lose weight, more days is probably better for keeping you in the habit, but if you can only do 3 days, then don't worry.

The way we all lose weight is some variation of 'eat less and exercise more'. For some of us, that means HIIT five days a week or running every day, for others, it is three days of cardio and weights, and for others, it is a walk around the park once a week.

If you like the routine you have then it sounds great. I think the most important exercise is one you like enough to stick with for years. I use an elliptical, light weights, and a dance class for my exercise because that's what I love and I can stick with it. Lots of people love to run, but I don't do it because I would never stick with it - I don't love it.

I would recommend you hire a trainer as soon as you can afford it though (even one session would help), to at least to make sure you are using the weights properly - you don't want to injure yourself with poor form or posture and have your new routine derailed!

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I did some asking around at my gym to see if someone would just talk to me about what I need to do to be successful. I've been laid off and money is definitely an issue for me. I found a trainer who is working with me (two long sessions to start me off, to be followed by monthly "check ins" to see that I'm on track) for a greatly reduced fee. I felt very "ballsy" asking for assistance - but it worked. My trainer tells me that he really wants to see anyone who is working out be successful, and feels that assisting me like this is a way of giving back to his community.

If you have a college near by with an sports degree program, you might check there as well to see if they have someone looking for a personal training project.
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I'd look into HIIT training for your cardio.

Also, highly recommend weight training.

You can check out books at the library, I'd recommend Body For Life. It has a pretty good, simple HIIT method. Also, it will show you a quick and effective weight routine.

Although my favorite book so far is the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I highly recommend that book.
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The few trainers that I've spoken to recommended doing weight/strength training at the beginning of the workout, which would lead to more fat burn during your cardio (and it seems like you do loads of it!).

For the weight training, you don't have to up the duration/intensity a whole lot to begin with, but the general idea is to start with big muscle groups, which would be your thighs and butt (squats & lunges), then chest and abs (pushups, crunches). I think these would be the fundamentals, say 2-3 sets of 15 for each exercise, especially if you're looking at a limited time frame.

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