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Default Weird, embarrassing question

Hey y'all

When y'all work out do you wear underwear? I find it aggravating because I get wedgies and it is embarrassing to look at your trainer and tell them to turn around, so you can wiggle out the wedgie lol

Would it be okay not to wear any?

I am really really sorry about this embarrassing question :/
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I'd recommend finding a comfortable pair to wear.

We sweat all over the place, and a good pair of underoos can help wick away moisture in our more... delicate... places.

Generally speaking when working out I wear a bikini brief. (Brief-like, but with the added bonus of not showing above my pants.) I still get an occasional wedgie, but I think that's normal.
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There are gym shorts and pants designed with a cotton-lined gussett for that very reason. Of course that only works if you wash the pants every time. But lots of people don't wear undies under stretch gymwear, so don't worry about it if it works for you.

I don't personally have a wedgie problem under workout clothes except with undies that have a wedgie tendency under any clothes. It can be hard to find ones that never wedgie. Sometimes you just can't tell until after you wear them. One thing I've found is that too big undies ride up! I've got a batch I'm going to have to retire.
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I have the same problem Sarah so I can sympathise! And i either feel very self-conscious, erm, rearranging myself or i suffer the discomfort of the wedgie! Neither is pleasant.

Some of the big sportswear companies sell underwear shorts which are designed specifically for exercise and I think I am going to invest in a few pairs and see if this makes a difference.

I don't think I would be comfortable going for the no underwear option!
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I think it depends what you work out in. Loose legged shorts might be more embarassing without underwear than getting the occasional wedgie...if you know what I mean. But sweats, or yoga pants, etc. don't require undies...especially if they are cotton. And, as some of the other posters have mentioned, there are workout clothes specifically designed for wearing WITHOUT underwear. Um, as something of a disclaimer, however, you are getting advice from a woman whose mother would be horrified to learn that there is often not much on under her jeans...thongs suck and panty lines are worse. What will I do if I'm ever in an accident? The issue of "clean underwear" definitely won't be the problem...
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I find undies that fit right don't ride up. Um, not as much anyway--there's a class I go to that always includes squats. The squats usually come along with a side order of creepage. ...But--Or maybe I should say 'however' ...The first time I went for run I had an unfortunate experience with creeping underwear--because they were too small. Since I've been buying underwear that fit, it's only a problem with moves like squats.

A co-worker that I talk to gym stuff about buys the athletic underwear that they sell here at LaSenza Spirit. I can't personally vouch for them, but when it comes to sweat--even around our delicate bits---polyester is better than cotton. Cotton holds on to moisture instead of evaporating it. Please do buy cotton-lined gusset (it's better for our delicate bits) but otherwise, it may be cheaper to buy polyester underwear at a 'regular' store than buying athletic undies. And really, no underwear is starting to sound like a better solution the more I think about it... If only I did go to the gym with a colleague at lunch!

I've learned there are no embarrassing questions on this forum. But then again I'm hard to embarrass.
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I actually never wear underwear while at home or under my gym clothes. It just irritates me and I would rather not bother with it.

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Schumeany, as an RN who has worked in ED, let me reassure you that if you are in an accident, the state of your underwear will be the LEAST of our worries.

Although you'd be surprised at the number of people who are totally embarrassed at the state of theirs. And the number of people who say "my mother was right!" I think everyone's mother may have told them to put clean undies on in case they are in an accident at some point in their life!
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Doesn't hanes have a wedgie free version now? I could swear that the elliot from the scrubs show was on that commercial... lol
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I wear the long spandex bicycle type shorts of the 80's under my gym shorts. No flashing. No wedgies.
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i really like Hanes hipsters... they don't ride up OR give me wedgies, ever. and they come in cute colors! i have some Victoria's Secret underwear (i love coupons for free bikinis!), but they ride up like crazy when i work out.
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Lol. Thank you all for your responses I think I am going to go try to find the exercise short undies. I was actually doing squats, backwards lunges etc and it was soooo irritating and it doesn't help the two trainers are guys lol and telling you to pop the booty while you half half your undies digging for China.

I invested in the underarmor for when I first started working out because I didn't want chaffing. Unfortunately though I got a yeast infection and I started to wear cotton and no issues yet.

Trying to find the perfect panty is difficult because God for some reason has put a booty on me..no one else in the family has one lol..

I saw the commercial for the wedgie free underwear and I might invest in some lol. And yes that is Elliot from Scrubs
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Heh - i bought some special no ride up underwear...I think it was hanes and they DONT ride up. They slide down. So instead of picking them out of my butt I am reaching down the back of my pants to pull them back up. Nice. If I were going that route again I would look for some that were more like bike shorts style - that go down the legs and are more covering.

I wear shorts with the built in liners sometimes.

If you wear yoga pants or workout pants without underwear it is ok, but check out your rear view FREQUENTLY under bright lighting from the safety of your own home. Anything with any spandex at all (and most exercise clothes have some so you can move easier) can have a tendency to become see-through right over your most delicate areas - or just become generally too thin. There was a woman at work who had this unfortunate problem.

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I think not wearing any would become very uncomfortable once you start to sweat. I wear Hanes bikini cut, and I haven't had a wedgie since I've started wearing them years ago (and I have a rather large bum that you would think would have to deal with many of them).

I think wearing these instead of high-cuts helps to prevent the problem, as well as buying them snug rather than slightly loose (if you don't have a ton of extra fabric, then you don't have to worry about the wedgie problem).
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I wear the cotton bike short type undies as well, and they are great. No wedgies, and they do help absorb the sweat (I'm a big sweater 'down there'). I find they're about $5-10 for a thinner cheaper pair that won't last more than a year or two, or $25-30 for some serious ones that seem to last forever - my oldest pair (speedo brand) is almost 10 years old and still has good elastic and fits well.

The bike short type undies are great for other times too. In the winter, they give a bit of an extra layer of fabric and warmth. And if you don't like going commando (I sweat too much there), you get rid of panty lines and still keep 'mother' from having heart failure

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