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I bought a stair-stepper a few days ago, and after TRYING to put the stupid cheap (low end model) thing together, we realized there is a manufacterers' defect. So we took it back to buy what I had REALLY wanted... an Elliptical Trainer. I tried out my step-moms when I was visiting and fell in love with it. I love that you can vary your intensity so easily just by going faster or slower.
Anyways, I'm supposed to pick it up tommorrow, and wanted to know your opinions on it are before I buy it.
Now, I know alot of you think machines are a waste of money, but money is not an issue in this case. With my husbands military Firefighter schedule, I need something that will challenge me in the cardio department on the days he works for 24 hours. When he is off, I do weight training at the gym. (I am following the "Body-for-Life" guidlines by Bill Phillips.
Thanks for the input!
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Hi Christy-I own an Orbitrek which I absolutely love. It only cost $200 but it has a lifetime warranty and it's very sturdy for it's size. I really get a great workout on it but you sound like you are in great shape so I'm not sure what level you would need to really get your already conditioned heart pumping. I know that when I crank up the resistance and use the arms my heart really pumps and I get an awesome workout ! What kind of machine does your step-mother own?
PS-Why don't you join our Elliptical/walker thread? We would love to have you post with us !

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We were recently checking out the elliptical machines as I LOVE to workout on one when I go to our Y. I WISH we could have purchased one. In my opinion the Precor are by far the best for home use. We looked at the 5.17 & 5.21. I think the higher end model is the way to go. As long as the equipment is going to be used its definately worth it. The workout on these types of machines are challenging and definately not as jarring as treadmills can be on your joints. We aren't getting one as it is strickly an issue of we're not willing to spend $3,000 for it. Hopefully in the next few years the prices will start to come down....
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Alex' Mom --

Either that or you may want to check with a Precor retailer about the possibility of leasing one...I'd love to have my own gym-quality one too but unless I hang it from the ceiling (or banish Jim's mini-studio to the garage -- ain't gonna happen!) there's just nowhere to put it!

So...until I win the lottery (fat chance since I usually don't play) I'm still gonna make that 4 am trek to the local gym!

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