Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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I'm a loser!
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Cool Back for Round 3

So, after 2 attempts(and failures) to lose weight, I'm finally back with a vengeance. This time, no diet, no crashing, no depriving myself. I'm going to do it the good ol' fashion way....Eating right, and exercising! And this time, I have a work out buddy, who can actually speak to me and motivate me to exercise(see past threads for my work out buddy being my dog) My work out goal this week is to join the gym, and learn how to use the equipment...Gotta start somewhere right? And I have no intentions of just walking in and attempting to maneuver the mass of fat burning machines called exercise equipment by myself. I'd probably break an ankle or something! So, I'm getting a tour, and a lesson or two on how to use the equipment, then it's off to starting! Since starting my job in February, I've lost 20 pounds simply by running around at work, and it feels good, especially when people actually NOTICE! So, I can't wait to start exercising more, and seeing how many people notice. I have my own individual reasons for finally breaking down and doing this, first and foremost being, I'm sick of being fat! And I can't waaaiiiitttt to work hard, and see all of my hard work pay off in the end when I can FINALLY reach my ultimate goal of being able to walk into a store, and just buy something off the shelf, and not have to ask the employees "does this come in a larger size?" How embarassing! So! Anyone got any workout tips? I'm not a fan of running, but the gym I'm joining has a "Cardio Cinema" that has treadmills, and elipticals and stationary bikes, and they're all set up infront of a huge movie screen...And I'm a HUGE fan of watching movies! What better way to do it! And they have a big lap pool, and a women's only section so I don't have to worry about that creepy old guy watching my ta ta's jiggle as I attempt to run on the treadmill! Work out tips? Motivation Tips? Anything special you do that keeps you on track? I've read that rewarding yourself at the end of the week for accomplishing your goal is a good idea, does anyone do this and does it work? What do you reward yourself with!?
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