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Default cellulite

After starting the birth control pill a few years ago, I went from having knock out legs to yucky cottage cheese legs. Can someone tell me an exercise that is good for gettting rid of cellulite? Or is just aerobic exercise enough with leg weights? Thank you in advance.
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I'm not quite sure of the correlation between birth control pills and cellulite, but basically cellulite is deposits of fat right underneath the skin. Women will generally see it when they need to lose weight or are not firmed up enough,body wraps, creams and pills are no magic formulas, they are not going to work in the long run. What it boils down to is eating right and exercising. Exercises, like brisk walking, treadmill or yes, aerobic exercise will definately help tone and firm up your legs thereby decreasing (and hopefully, with enough exercise) the appearance of cellulite. There have been pros and cons of using ankle weights, the latest I have heard is they don't really make your muscles work harder.
In the long run there is no short cut to losing weight and staying in shape. Despite all the fads, the experts have been saying for years that everyone should eat healthier and get some form of physical activity.
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Please don't use ankle weights unless you put them above or just below the knee and only when doing strengh training. I always thought walking with ankle weights would help to tone up in half the time. I found out thru Jazzercise you should never do any aerobic exercise with ankle weights on. It stresses the ligaments in the knee and could cause long term injury. (They never tell you that on the box!) We do use them, preferably, above the knee and do floor work such as hamstring, calf, inside and outside thigh work.
I have also heard that you need to drink lots of water to help eliminate cellulite. I have up my comsumption of H2O with Weight Watchers and I can say that it is helping a little bit.
Good Luck and if you find a solution please post it!!!
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