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Question Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Does anyone have any good advice for someone that is looking to buy a
Recumbent Exercise Bike? Not one for the outdoors, but one to use inside.
I don't have a lot of money to spend, maybe $350.00
I have a bad lower back/pelvis, and my doctor told me this would be a really good machine to have to strengthen my lower back. I also want to use it to loose some inches off my thighs (inner and outer thighs) Would something like this help tone my legs? I do not want them to bulk up.

Any advice would be great!!
Thank you
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1. You are not going to bulk from riding a bike
2. You are not going to bulk period. Women don't bulk unless they are trying like crazy..and it's still very hard.
3. You cannot make your legs smaller by doing any type of exercise, you have to lose weight all over. Can't spot reduce.
4. Dick's has a Schwin recumbent for $300. I tried it out. It's pretty nice and adjusts for a wide range of heights.

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