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Default Hula hooping

Originaly I started out looking for a weighted hula hoop because it is supposedly easier to keep going but I searched all of the sporting good stores in my area and could not find one so I bought a hoop at Walmart. I tried it out and it was way to light so I added some weight to it by wrapping pink duct tape ( it has to look pretty!) around it.

Anyways, I used it yesterday for 3-4 minutes and today my lower stomach muscles are a bit sore. I like sore muscles because that tells me I am accomplishing something.

I figure I will work up to 10 minutes a day and see what the results are.
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That's a great idea! I like having sore muscles, too!
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What a great idea!
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Love, love, love to hoop! I hoop about an hour 3-4 times a week as my cardio. Music blasting, of course. The Expert Village website has a great free three part introduction to hoop dancing, for anyone who wants a look!
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Look up "hooping" online. You should be able to find either a hoop, or directions to make your own. They are going to be larger and heavier than what you would find in the store, and better for an adult.

I have lots of friends who do hooping, poi, and other similar things for exercise.
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I love hoops, and make my own, fun and relatively easy to do. It's my main source of exercising. Plus, you can weight them to whatever you like. I have many, that range from heavy, (which is excellent for beginners, you don't need much momentum to keep it going,) to light for tricks and speed. Plus, they are larger hoops, the ones at Wal-mart are meant for kids/teens, where an adult that tries with one of those might give up. One that is larger will be so much easier to keep up, which means more fun! Definately look hooping up online. It's a huge community. I'm in the process of putting a pic of my hoops on my profile.....hopefully by the time you read this you can see them

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