Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Before I Start C25K....

Hey all,

I am working to combat my weight and mild depression by really kicking up the exercise regime - I know from my previous fights with both the aforementioned competitors that it really K.O.'s!

I have read a lot of people blogging about couch to 5k, and have looked at their websites etc. so I have the programme and I even have my new running shoes and a place to run.

But I am bad for not seeing things through and this is something I really want to see to its end. To help me do this I was wondering if anyone who has tried or even completed the C25K could tell me about their experiences? I think your own opinions will be much more honest and insightful than what the websites say. I know it's going to be hard, but if there's anything in particular to prepare myself for I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know!

And one final question - how did you measure your times? I.e. the 1 minute jog then 1.5 minute walk without staring at your watch the whole time? I don't have a track near me so can't do it on one of them.

Thanks chickies!
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I'm still doing week one, and expect to be doing week one for Quite Some Time - but I'm good with that. It still beats the **** out of using the treadmill to walk briskly.

If you're not using a treadmill (with handy clock), then I'd recommend downloading the podcasts onto your mp3 player - the bloke who made them will tell you when to start running, and when to start walking, and plays a mix of beat-appropriate music to go with each activity.
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I finished the c25k program. I started it in April, and was able to jog a 5K by the 9 weeks end. Not as fast as the sheet has you do it, but I can do it!

I found a great solution to having to check the watch was to use podcasts. Robert Ullrey's in particular were the ones I used. You can find a link to his podcasts on the C25K website.
He just tells you when to stop and start jogging based on time, not distance. That is what I needed, because I was slow LOL.

Since I already did cardio and strength training, the first couple weeks were pretty easy. I wore a heart rate monitor to make sure I didn't push too hard on the run parts - which turned out to be key in me being able to finish the training. The program builds you up slow. I remember being totally nervous for the first 20 minute run, and it turned out to be just fine!

It's a good program, and do not be afraid to repeat weeks if you need to. The goal is to improve, not be perfect.

I now run 3 miles at a time and do that 3x per week.
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I am starting this tomorrow!!! I have the first 5 weeks podcasts downloaded. I have the same old running shoes but maybe I can get myself some new ones as a treat at the end.
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I started it a little over a week ago. I have NO LUNG CAPACITY and am about 30 lbs. overweight, so it has been difficult. I like the way I feel, though, when I'm done. I could only run about 35 seconds to start and am really progressing slowly, but as pp mentioned above, the goal is to improve, not to be perfect. I have two younger brothers who run the 26 mile marathons but I don't let them intimidate me. I just do my thing and am happy for each second of improvement.
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Hi Katykat, I think it's great that you are taking matters into your own hands regarding your depression and weight. Exercise and eating right has allowed me to go off of my anti-depression meds. I have a feeling of control over my life now, I hope it helps you as well.
I finished the C25k just a couple of weeks ago. I downloaded and used Robert Ullrey's podcasts. I think what kept me motivated was telling other people that I was doing it. Then it became something I couldn't quit. I also registered for a 5K so even though I graduated from the c25k I can't stop running. When I first began the program it was tough. Although I jogged here and there when I was younger I have never been a runner. When I started this program I just did what the podcast said to do. I didn't over think it. I ran by time not for distance in the beginning. A couple of weeks in I would drive the route I was planning to run to see on my odometer if I was close to the distance the podcast said I was running.

Here is what motivates me to run.
- my butt and legs look lovely
- it's so cool to say "well I got a 3 miler in this AM"
- the sense of accomplishment you feel when you continue to press on even when your body wants to give up
- my confidence is thru the roof
- I'm setting a good example for my kids to take care of themselves

Good luck if you decide to try it!
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I also used Robert Ullrey's podcasts. I remember starting and thinking "how long is a minute, anyway?" I found it hard but didn't stop, and by Week 9, when Ullrey would say "you are in your final minute" (of thirty minutes) I would think "piece of cake!" I enjoyed "Couch to 5K" and after I had surgery last month and was able to try jogging again, I started at Week 1 again to go a little easy. I only used it a couple of times and this evening went on a jog just using music on my iPod, and ran for 40 minutes straight, longer than where you leave off on C25K. I am going to try to improve on my speed and endurance, but I definitely credit C25K for getting me started and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get into running.
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I just started doing this too -- I think I might be one Week 1 for quite a bit! I can do a very strenuous 60 minute workout on the elliptical machine, but ask me to run for a minute and I'm like.... do I *have* lungs? Or are those just shards of glass in my chest??!!!

Actually, for the first 8 minutes, I'm thinking... i can do this! Then the 60 seconds goes to 45 seconds... to 30 seconds and by the last 5 minutes I'm just thinking... walk, just walk, just keep moving

I know I'll get better, but I was actually a little bit surprised. I guess the elliptical is NOT similar to running!
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I am starting this week, and I would love somebody to help me through it. I did it in the past (two years ago) and quit after completing 80%. I just hate exercise, really, so some accountability would be great.
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I haven't done the c25K program, but I can certainly affirm your statement about running helping with weight loss and depression. With my training over this spring/summer I dropped 29 lbs and my emotional ups and downs have really subsided.

One thing that can be really helpful in sticking to a training program is having a final goal. Is there a local 5K race in your area? I've had experiences running both with a goal in mind and without a specific goal, and having a goal has always served me well. I'm able to stay focused and driven when I'm working towards something very specific. It's way too easy to blow off a workout (or three!) if I don't have that goal.

Have a great time with the c25K program! I've heard so many great things about.
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I just started the C25K with my girlfriend last Monday, so we're starting Week 2 tonight. And we're about as literal as you can get, seriously couch to running. We haven't really done anything in the way of exercising for a few years and now we're running 3 times a week! It's definitely tough for us and we might not move on to week 2 tonight, but we're trying.

The only advice I can give is to take your time. The first day we went out we had to switch from 1.5 to 2 minutes of walking inbetween runs about half way through. And that's fine! Take the structure they give you and fine tune it to your life. It's better than nothing! And I just bring a cell phone with us and let the stopwatch on it run for 20 minutes while I keep track of when we should be running/walking. Also, try to find someone to do it with, if you can. It's more fun with someone else because you have someone to go through it with, and you have each other to keep yourselves on track. Good luck!
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