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Default Anyone here work out at the YMCA?

I'm thinking about joining. I know they have a walking track and a weight room, but I was interested in the aerobics classes they offer and which if any would be the best for a beginner. They also have cycling classes, which I think would be really fun after I get into shape, but they look WAY too hard right now.
Any thoughts?

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I work out at the YMCA! The one I go to is sooo nice because it was built only 2-3 years ago; it's a lot easier to exercise with the televisions and XM radio as well.....my dad is actually a personal trainer there too and he teaches spinning (cycling) classes - they are definitely tough but a GREAT workout!

I can't think of anything off the top of my head that makes the YMCA stand out from most other gyms (although each location is unique), but they usually offer a wide variety of classes and you can use their pool for exercise as well. I know that at my YMCA they offer a free fitness assessment when you join so you could do that to get an idea of where you stand physically.
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I have been working out at the YMCA. I simply love it!!! The warm pool is really nice to work out in or you can swim laps in the lap pool . You can get in the hot tub or go to the wet sauna or dry sauna. We have all kind of classes Kickboxing , Hi Lo,Pilates,Zumba ,etc. Zumba is my favorite we do moves like Dancing with the Stars. There are alot more classes I did'nt mention. All of our exercise equipment is brand new and what more can I say I really get a good workout and it feels like a mini vacation with all the luxuaries to enjoy after working out!!!!!!!!!!
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I work out the the YMCA - its as good as any other gym I've been to! The classes don't fit my timetable - which is a shame really cas they look good! Its really reasonably priced and has a nice variety of people so I dont feel out of place.

Remember tho, the most important part of a gym is the free weight section - u dont need any of the fancy dequipment!
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Used to work out there. I didn't like it because of all the giant buff men there that made it very intimidating to work out there because I'm pudgy and well, they are not. lol
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I love the YMCA here but I think they vary wildly from location to location. Why don't you call and see if you can get a free trial day?
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No Y is created equal. Even in the same city. I love the why in my area because the facility is great and my husband and I like the community feel to to it. I would actually go check it out. They should give you a 5 day pass or something similar so you can try before you buy
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