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Default Right bra for exercise?

Okay, so this question may seem weird or perhaps it's perfectly normal. As a big chested person I hate bouncing and jumping for fear of blacking an eye. lol Even when I was younger I had this problem. Most of the sports bras I tried just didn't give enough support. Have any of you found the right kind? I'd rather spend a lot of money to get one that helps me then buying a cheap one that doesn't, so money is not a concern on this issue. The Turbo Jam dvd I work out to always has us jumping rope, and this is very uncomfortable. Please help!!

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Beware vertical stretch. Some horizontal stretch will be comfortable and make it easier to get on and off. But vertical stretch = no support.
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Ahh, yes, the bra! I remember in high school, I was able to buy a sports bra for about 8 bucks and it worked fine. The bigger I got and the bigger my breasts got, the more money I had to spend. I bought a great one for about 35.00 bucks at a sports warehouse type place a year ago. It was Nike, and I love it. I just got another -- not quite the great support, but okay -- at Ross's the other day. It was an Adidas. I think as long as you try them on -- don't laugh, my boyfriend never tries anything on. What's with guys anyway?
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My best friend always wears two.
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UnderArmour makes a great great supportve bra for larger chested women...

I've worn 2 sports bras also and I found that 2 bras were choking me and were too tight around my chest and not really very supportive.
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I'm on my second Champion bra and I love it. It's a compression bra so everything gets smooshed and held in place. When I bought my first one, I had lactating DD's and I could run with no pain!

I bought mine at a running store. I know that lots of people buy sports bras online but I usually have to try on 10 bras to find one that I'm happy with.
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I have this same problem.

This morning, I was at the gym and I was running. I bought a few Danskin Sports Bras from Walmart, size 42D - and this is what I had on today. It gave me ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT. I was running and trying to hold my boobs in because they were bouncing around too much!

I have two sports bras that have wires, and they are very supportive. I can't find them anywhere anymore, it looks like the vendor (i'm not sure who it is right off hand) stopped making them!!!

If anyone has more suggestions, keep em coming...and I think I need wires for support! Wish I could do wireless, but I'm SCARED!

I looked at the link posted above, it looks like the underarmour ones don't run very large.

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I'm perhaps not the most well endowed, but I love speedo bras. Also champion, mostly sport bras with the T in the back, because the ones that go on the shoulder can slide off.

When you find the perfect one you'll know, I usually buy a few at once
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I am NOT endowed at all ... But I do buy a padded underwired sports bra from WalMart for 12$CA and I really like it, I buy it though because it makes my boobs LOOK bigger not for the support, but it may be supportive it someone has more boobage....
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This yr i bought a bra from Champion (online )and i love it, it was abt $30 and worth every penny. I plan to keep buying from them.
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I'm a 40DD, and I swear by the Action Shape sports bra by Champion. I've used them for years, and I have absolutely no bounce while doing any number of workout activities. And the straps never slide off.

The sizes go from 36C to 46DD, so there is quite a range available.

Here's a link to it on the Just My Size site - if there is an outlet near you, you might find it for less.

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My favourites are underwire Speedos. (I'm a 36DD).
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Ive tried a million bras and my all-time favorite is Leading Lady sports bras...they have DD/F/G and provider GREAT support and bounce control, and they arent terribly expensive.
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I bought a Shock Absorber last year and it has been amazing--I could run easily without even having to think about support (I bought a 38D, in the most supportive style they have). But now, I've lost weight and the girls have shrunk, and the bra is too big. I need to buy another one soon, because it made running on the weekend an interesting experience again!
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I bought a sports bra with hooks in the back. I love it. I used to get the cheapy ones (without hooks) and being elastic and stretchy material it would stretch and get out of shape very soon. So I recently bought a Champion sports bra and it's underwired (available without wires too) and has hooks in the back (just like regular bra). My boobs do not move at all. There was a Bali/Playtex store close to us and I got mine from there. I'm sure you can buy them from any store and if not then online is always possible. They fit snug.

Here's the Link - OneHanesPlace

Hope this helps

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