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Default eating before exercise

I've heard that one should eat about 1 hour before exercise. If I eat right before exercise, would that work too (will the food be available) or should I wait 1 hour ?

Also I've heard that we should eat carbs + proteins before exercise, is this in order to avoid a sugar crash that we should eat proteins also ?
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I don't know all the right answers to your questions....but I do know that I can't eat within the hour to two hours prior to exercising cause it just hurts my belly when I run...and even then I just have something light - yogurt, fiber one bar...etc...
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Do what feels most comfortable for you, I say... I can exercise first thing in the AM on an empty stomach... But the rest of the day I have to eat an hour or so before working out because I konk out... At every snack/meal I eat a protein and a carb, this works for me, the protein keeps me fuller longer and the carb gives me energy...
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I don't know what the experts say either. I go walk or go to curves right around 5 and I'm ususally starving so I eat something light before I go out, otherwise I'm miserable starving the entire time!
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You always ask the same questions again and again , Kaytlin.

Maybe you should just see a trainer with your enquiries.
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i can't workout right after i eat either. Sometimes I'll puke it all out.
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i always work out straight in from work....
and eat afterwards....
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I do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach; it burns the most fat. But, if I'm doing weights then I have oatmeal about 1hr before hand... it has protein and carbs. If I don't have time to eat before weights then I just have a protein shake.
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I just read in a book today that you should have some a little carb before workout. And the best options would be the ones with low GI, that would keep your energy up. An apple as one of the examples, and that’s exactly what I do. As I work out after work, I need to have something to eat because I am usualy hungry, but I can’t work out on a full stomach, that would make me sick. So I just decided I would have something small to get me going. And I found out today that an apple is a great choice.
Then when I am back home is dinner time (actually it is past dinner time) and I then eat my dinner rich in protein.
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I exercise first thing in the morning - right now I'm doing mainly cardio on my elliptical, usually with one or two ten minute yoga, ab or pilates videos. I never eat before I work out - it used to make me sick when I was going to the gym way back when...

So, from what I'm seeing here I'm okay doing this while focusing on cardio, but need to eat something protein-y before hand once I start doing more strength training? (Putting together thoughts from several threads here...) Or is it like Ilene says ad I should do what works for me with no set answer?
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My experiences have always been that if I eat too much before I exercise I get terrible stomach cramps. I usually work out first thing in the morning or a few hours after dinner if I can't squeeze it in any other time during the day. I usually eat an orange or an apple after I get off the treadmill because I'm usually pretty spent.
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