Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Red face How much exercise?

I've been watching what i eat and exercising for a long time... even under the supervision of a trainer for a while. At one point i was exercising 6 times a week and eating about 1800/1900 cals, so i wasn't getting too little nutrition wise. Didn't get any results though and the trainer can't explain it either. ( I am getting tested for PCOS currently so if i have that , that might explain some of it ) Anyways........

Technically when you use up 3500 calories you lose a pound. So i count my cals and exercise and should be losing but i'm not. ( i'm not going to bore you with all my trials and tribulations on the weightloss journey!! ) But then i started thinking about the shows i see on tv like x-weighted. The people are driven way far beyond what i've done exercise wise. Lots of people, though don't seem to need to do that level of intensity to lose weight and still have success with a less intense regime. I can't figure out where i fit in. I know if you exercise toooo much you can stall your weightloss because your body catches on ( like with extreme caloric reduction ) but if i thought the extreme exercise would work......i would find a way to do it. Or is it simply trial and error?

Would appreciate some input and people's experiences with this. Thanx, Laura

Current weight: 180
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I think it's trial and error. Although there are calculations to tell you how much you should be eating, these are only general guidelines. Each individual is different- metabolism, age, calorie burning. 1800/1900 calories may not seem to be too much, but at that rate, I would gain at least a pound a week. So I have to keep my calories much lower, with a cheat day here and there.

Also, I have found that the 3500 calories per pound marker does not translate equally in real life. Theoretically, it works, but individual differences interfere.

Just make sure you are taking in good quality healthy foods. Try adjusting your calorie intake for a week or two and see what happens. You can't wreck your metabolism in just a few weeks.

If we didn't have any life at all, extreme exercise would work. Even though I don't work at a job any more, I still have things I like to do. So trips to the gym are only one part of my day.

Try adjusting your workout routine (as well as the calories). Maybe you need to bust through a plateau.

Hope this helps...
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Your body gets adjusted to the amount and type of exercise you are doing. You may want to reduce your exercise and vary it. Do some intensive block etc...
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With your exercise, have you noticed your inches going down while your weight stays the same or are your inches staying the same.

The biggest part of weight loss truly is what you eat. Exercise can help with some weight loss as well as have health benefits but your diet is what you need to watch the most. You might want to drop your calories a bit.

I try to exercise every day, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I try to do at least _something_ though.
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