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Talking What do you do first

Is it better to do weight trainning before cardio or the other way around?

Thanks for the advice.
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I always do cardio first. One day I will do 15 min on the rowing machine and then do my weights. Another day , I will do 30 min on the treadmill and then my weights. I think it is good to warm up the muscles before you do your weights.
Some people like to stretch before they do weights but I prefer to do this after.
Hope this was of some help. : )
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I always do cardio first then weights. I don't think it matters which one you do first. However, if you do weights first you should do 5 to 10 minutes cardio to warm up. So to me you might as well do all the cardio first.
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My trainer told me to do whatever your primary fitness goal is first, while your body is fresh.

If you are mostly concerned with cardio fitness (ie: training for a 10K road race), do your cardio first. If you are mostly interested in strength (ie: training for a stronger upper body so the groceries are easier to carry in), do your weights first. If you do your weight training first, do not forget to do a 5-10 min. cardio warm up before hitting the weights!

If your goal is both, mix it up. This way your body will not get used to any particular pattern and learn to adapt to whatever you give it resulting in better overall fitness.

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I do cardio first as well, then weights, but sometimes I'll reverse it, and boy can I really feel a difference!!!
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I've been told that it's best to do weights first and then, by the time you come to do cardio, your heart rate is already up there and also your glycogen levels, so you burn fat more effectively during cardio.

Just a suggestion! I have friends who can't bear to do weights first.
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