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Default face turning red during exercise and after it

Is it normal for my face to turn kinda really red during and after exercise ? Is it dangerous ? This worries my family, after a work-out when my face is red they always say I've work-out too hard or too much and that I should lessen the intensity of my next work-out because that's not good that my face turn red. Is this true ?
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my face gets quite red when i exert myself, although somewhat less so lately (even though i haven't lost any weight or been more active). i have high blood pressure, which i'm assuming is the reason for my red face. if i am right and this is also the reason for your face becoming red then both of us need to work to reduce our blood pressure. i'm on medication (lisinopril, 10 mg/day) at the moment which is kind of humiliating for me, being only 24 years old, but at least it's keeping my BP down. i guess if i stopped smoking, drinking heavily, and exercised regularly it would help...
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My face turns pretty red if I workout really hard. It typically stays red for a while after working out too. This has ALWAYS happened to me... I can remember running the dreaded mile in high school and having a red face half the day after that.
Just a note, I don't have high blood pressure, only drink socially and don't smoke... so I have no idea why mine is red!! But you aren't alone!
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Same here... no high blood pressure, 25 years old, and even when I do just enough exercise to break a sweat my face goes red -- and not just any red, but a deep, deep beet red.

Something that has decreased the redness considerably at times for me is drinking plenty of water before and especially DURING the workout (if you've ever compared your pre-workout and post-workout weight you'd be surprised to see how much water your body loses over the course of a workout!).

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Add me to the list of red faced excersisers. I don't remember a time in my life when my face didn't turn red during and after a hard workout. I always thought it was the Irish comming out in me...or maybe the English. I never thought to worry about it.

Noo high blood pressure here either.
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I too have the red face when I work out....but only during a workout when I step it up. Normally my face gets red towards the end and last about an hour after. I think it's normal, just showing that you are working hard!
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Do you feel like you are over exerting yourself? My face turns red when I work out and it stays that way for a while. Check with your doctor to see if it is okay.
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My face turns red almost as soon as I end my workout. It looks like I've been badly sunburned and it lasts for about a half hour.
I'm 24 I have normal to low blood pressure and this only happenes if I work out for over 45 minutes.
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My face turns beet red too... I don't have high blood pressure... pretty low actually. I get red as soon as I start working out and break a sweat. It is my norm so if this is something new that is happening to you maybe you should ask your doc. But it's probably perfectly normal. Increased blood flow is probably the culprit... heart is working harder and such... welcome to the red faced workout club!! LOL
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I'm another red-faced exerciser! I try not to look in the mirror after running because I'm always self-conscious about it. My blood pressure is fine and I've always had this happen. My mom is the same but even worse so I chalk it up to genetics.
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This has always happened to me, even when I was a scrawny kid on the playground at school. My face starts to glow like a stoplight, and stays that way for awhile after a work-out.

My weight has never had anything to do with it: even at my fittest/slimmest--when I was a skinny teenaged soccer player and running up and down the field for hours on end--my face has always turned bright red with physical activity.

People sometimes ask me if I'm okay and/or think I'm working too hard because it is unusual to them, but it's quite normal for me (and for lots of other people, too).

Like net knee said: if this is something new for you, maybe you should get it checked out by a doc. However, if this is something normal for you then I wouldn't worry about it because there are lots of people just like you!
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i'm a red faced chick to and nothing is wrong wih me just real pale in color, i think as long as your not in pain or dizzy your red face should be ok.
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But it sure is embarrassing, I feel like everyone is staring at me (the gigantic sweat stains from collar to chest probably don't help matters much either)! NOBODY at my gym seems to have the same problem
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That's me to a tee when I work out--my face is beet red and huge flop sweats. My hair gets so wet from sweat, it looks like I just stepped out of the shower. And I'm in fantastic shape--really the best shape in my entire life. I also have very low blood pressure, almost too low.

I think some people (usually people with pale skin) are just naturally prone to getting red in the face. Not only is my face beet red when I exercise, but I flush very easily. When I'm a little warm, when I'm embarrassed, when I'm excited, when I exert myself even the tiniest bit--my face is immediately bright red. People commenting on it will make my face get even redder.

There's a line in Pride and Prejudice about the main character's eyes having been brightened by exercise--that's the way I try to think of my face; it's "brightened" by exercise. I try to think of it as a "sporty" look.

I do see lots of folks around my gym with the same sweat stains that I have but I don't notice as many red faces. The sweat stains are easily dealt with by purchasing work-out wear that doesn't show sweat. There's nothing I can do to camouflage my red face (or my dripping wet hair), though.

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I also get the red face, and I also have pale, pinkish skin. I tend to sweat a LOT around waist, chest and thighs, but not so much on my face or head.

I have low blood pressure.

I wear a heart monitor and have noticed my face gets the most red when my heart rate gets up into the max range for me. 160ish what I consider my danger zone as a 40 yr old smoker, because if I go any higher than 165 I start getting light-headed and tunnel vision.

You are not alone with the red face, and from all the posters I'd say it has nothing to do with high blood pressure.
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