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Default Wii Exercise

Does anyone use the Nintendo Wii to work out? If so, what games do you like? I just got the Wii about a week ago. I enjoy the boxing,tennis, bowling and golf that came on the disc with it...

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I love our Wii. I really don't use it as a primary workout, but I often box against my husband when I get home from the gym. We laugh and have a great time with it.

But you can definitely work up a sweat if you try! Check out the boxing training exercises-- that's about the most kinetic you can get with a videogame!
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The Wii is great! I stood in line for 7 hours in the freezing cold to get my boyfriend one last Christmas and I'm glad that I did!!

I love the boxing and tennis! I get really into it and it's almost like a little mini-cardio workout!
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DDR is now available for the Wii. So you can most definitely get a fantastic cardio workout from your Wii. I've heard it also incorporates use of the Wiimote in this version. <3 I haven't tried it yet, but....
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I do the boxing training things too, that one where you try to knock the bags down gets me flailing around like mad! The thing I am looking forward to is they are coming out with a game called wii fit that you get a thingy to stand on for games, I guess there will be some dance and balance, skiing, soccer? (not sure how that will work), and I guess it will keep track of your weight and bmi somehow. I think its already out in Japan and should be here late spring/early summer.
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Wii fit has a US release date of May 19th. I'm seriously thinking of getting a Wii just for that - assuming that's also the release date for Canada.

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We play our wii daily. I love the boxing for a workout as well. I remember the first time I played I was kicking major butt, but I was sore as crap the next day. Have you all ever done the fitness level one that tells you what your age is? This is pretty neat as well. My kids do it and they are like 51 and 52 according to the game. But they are only 6 and 4. It's funny to watch. My 4 year old does beat me in tennis though, it's crazy!
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I love Wii sports. Boxing can kick my butt. LoL.
DDR is a really good one!
We want to get Wii Fit!
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I have DDR for the Wiii I love it! You can talior your workouts and log your weight and put a password so no one can check it. It's great since I don't need my sons friends knowing my weight!
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